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Greater Safety Greater Safety The locked safety hand lever prevents inadvertent turning of the tiller blades.
Ergonomic Working Ergonomic Working The handlebar can be individual adjusted to the stature of the operator, ensuring relaxed, fatigue-free working. The ability to swivel the handlebar sideways (MH 5001 R) also permits working without treading on the soil that has already been cultivated.
Plantable Soil Plantable Soil Specially shaped tiller blades combined with powerful engines guarantee that you can effectively work the ground into plantable soil.


Our cultivators mill through the ground thanks to powerful engines and using up to six tiller blades. This machine can be controlled without fatigue due to the excellent ergonomics.

Other Advantages
  • I Aggressive cultivators for ground loosening
  • I Safety lock prevents inadvertent turning of the tiller blades
  • I Ergonomic working thanks to adjustable handlebar
  • I Effortless maneuvering with reverse drive available on some models.


The handling of our cultivators is almost self-explanatory. With the following tips, working with this practical gardening aid becomes even more effective.

  • I Comfort The typical application is for seedbed preparation. With a cultivator from AL-KO the task is completed quickly, compared to when the job is carried out using spades and hoes. The tiller can also be used for weed removal.

  • I Technology Our cultivators have a powerful petrol engine, which drives between four to six tiller blades. The blades are driven forward and worked into the ground. They move the whole unit forward and are guided by the operator in the correct direction.

  • I Soil cultivation and fertilisation Specially shaped chopping knives plough the ground in which fertiliser, seeds, etc. are then worked into the soil.

  • I Setting the working depth The tilling depth is set using the rear-mounted adjuster. Depending on the type of soil and soil moisture, the correct setting depth must be set.


AL-KO Motorhacken verfügen nicht nur über kraftvolle Benzin-Motoren, sie sind auch ausgesprochen komfortabel in der Verwendung. Abhängig vom Modell verfügen sie über:

  • I Ergonomic, height- and side-adjustable handlebars
  • I Integrated transport wheel
  • I 1 or 2 forward and 1 reverse gears
  • I 4 -6 tiller blades
  • I Wide working width

The highlight: the comfortable reverse
The MH 5007 R has a reverse gear. This allows you to change the direction, which increases the mobility and maneuverability of the device. The maneuverability of the cultivators combined with the powerful motors and the ergonomic handlebars create perfect conditions for soil loosening in your garden. The hardened blades work reliably through all soils and transform it into fine, crumbly soil, which is then ready for the addition of seedlings or new seeds.

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The unit was tilted wrongly, oil is in the muffler and / or air filter. The air filter must be dismantled and cleaned. Then check and adjust the oil level in the engine. Then let the engine run, after a few minutes, the smoke should decrease. Warning: unburned engine oil drips out of the silencer so be aware of environmental pollution! For cleaning, only tilt the appliance according to the instructions.

The air filter may be dirty and need to be replaced. The oil level in the engine must be checked and adjusted. Then let the engine run. If the smoke does not stop, the device should be checked by an AL-KO service partner

We strongly advise against the use of take-off pilot or similar. Chemicals can in the worst case lead to engine damage. We recommend a review and possibly carburettor cleaning by an AL-KO service partner

Check fuel tank contents, top up with petrol if necessary. Some suction carburetors always leave a residue of one to two cm of fuel in the tank. Residues in the fuel or a defective air filter can get dirt into the carburettor. The carburetor must be removed and cleaned.

It can take any petrol with min. 77 oct. Super Unleaded fuel is 95 oct and can be safely used. Each motor is suitable for E10 - Do not store fuel for over 4 weeks as it will start to go bad if untreated.

An SAE 30 motor oil is recommended, a 5W30 or 10W40 can also be used.

Clean the unit, change the air filter, spark plug and oil. Store in a dry place