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Perfect Garden

If you want a perfect lawn in your garden, you should rake it several times a year. These care measures improve both nutrient intake and irrigation and ultimately promote grass growth. The powerful electric and petrol scarifiers help you efficiently during this rejuvenation. If you have areas of the garden used for growing fruit and vegetables, preparing the ground to a successful harvest can be hard work and very time consuming. An AL-KO cultivator can help to make this task much easier and quicker than preparing the soil with handheld tools.

For demanding hobby gardeners, high-performance cultivators with high-torque motors are powerful and effective tools to use when tilling. They facilitate soil loosening and seed sowing preparation and are a handy and manoeuvrable piece of equipment. With a working depth of up to 15 cm and a cultivating width of up to 75 cm, our tillers are an indispensable helper for any homeowner who is looking to work the ground whilst being gentle on the back. .

Scarifying Benefits

An uneven lawn with a lot of weeds is a sign that the lawn needs scarifying. By doing this, you can remove moss and thatch which affect grass growth. The high-performance scarifiers from AL-KO scrape the grass surface and remove the moss and thatch from the lawn using a roller with steel knives. The debris is collected in the collection box of the scarifier ensuring the lawn is left tidy.

To prevent the grass roots being damaged and the knives becoming less effective, you can change the working depth of the scarifier roller by means of a set screw in five steps. In addition to the scarifying, you should rake your lawn regularly. For this purpose, you should replace the roller with the steel blades for the spring tined raker attachment. Raking is an important step before fertilisation, as it allows better nutrient and water absorption.

Practical Machines

For a successful harvest you need a well-prepared, crumbly and nutritious soil. An AL-KO petrol cultivator can help you achieve this with ease and in comfort.

Whether large or small surfaces, heavy or loose soils - with up to 15 centimeters of working depth and up to 75 centimeters of working width, AL-KO cultivators are indispensable machines for every garden owner. Equipped with a chain drive and an ergonomic handle featuring an easy to reach the throttle lever, the cultivators are also fitted with an integrated transport wheel for easy removal of the device after work has been done.

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