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Made in ... Made in ... AL-KO have been manufacturing garden tools for over 50 years, all of which combine the latest technology and innovation. The foundation of our success started in 1966 with the production of our first petrol lawnmower in our Austrian factory in Obdach, with over 7 million more units manufactured since.
Without exhaust and cables Without exhaust and cables Thanks to their sturdy sheet steel housing, large grass collectors and optional wheel drive, the EnergyFlex family of MOWEO battery mounters combines the advantages of a classic petrol lawnmower with the quiet and emission-free operation of an electrical appliance - without any cables. For smaller lawns is also a compact version with plastic housing available (AL-KO Moweo 38.5 Li).
Everything under control Everything under control

With a simple push of a button, the current charge level of the battery can be read. Thanks to lithium-ion technology, it can be recharged quickly and easily, a complete charge takes approximately one and a half hours.

Precise Right to the Edge Precise Right to the Edge The plant protection bar and wheel make it possible to trim really accurately even under bushes or against walls, without worrying about damaging anything.
Effortless Without Cables Effortless Without Cables The powerful 18 V Li-ion rechargeable battery in the handle allows the GTLi 18V to work powerfully even in places where there is no mains socket.
Perfect Cut, Perfect Protection Perfect Cut, Perfect Protection Sustainably sharp, diamond-ground blades ensure a clean cut. The stop guard protects the blade when cutting along the ground and walls, while the cover can also be used for storage on a wall.
Everything Straight Everything Straight The integrated spirit level helps to achieve straight and horizontal hedge trimming. As a result, a ragged cut can be avoided.


Our power packs offer emission-free and quiet operation without limitations. The lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable at any time, have no memory effect and have very little self-discharge.

  • I Cordless and no emissions thanks to the Li-Ion battery
  • I Robust steel sheet housing on certain models
  • I Wide cutting width available
  • I Safe starting with socket key

Battery System

Moweo cordless mower - part of the EnergyFlex family

Battery-devices are fully up-to-date due to the latest electronic technologies available. You no longer have to find the correct battery and charger for each device as the EnergyFlex family offers a solution: a rechargeable battery for many different devices.

A special highlight is the EnergyFlex battery: It delivers an impressive performance with its 36 Volt and 4.0 Ah, so that depending on grass and terrain, the AL-KO cordless mower can mow areas up to 600 m² with one battery charge. Thanks to its lithium-ion cells, it is exceptionally durable and not self-discharging. An LED display always allows exact control of the current state of charge. If the charge is low, the battery can be changed easily and quickly. The charging time using the EnergyFlex charger is approximately 90 minutes.

Our two-year manufacturer's warranty also includes the EnergyFlex battery.

The Moweo cordless mower from the EnergyFlex family combines the advantages of a classic petrol lawn mower with the quiet and exhaust-free operation of an electrical appliance - without the need for cables. For small lawns a compact version with plastic housing is also available.

Multitool: Praktischer Helfer für viele Arbeiten

Mehrere Funktionen in einem Gerät: Die Multitools von AL-KO und solo by AL-KO bieten Ihnen mit vielen unterschiedlichen Aufsätzen die Möglichkeit, unterschiedliche Arbeiten mit einem Basisgerät zu erledigen. Im Set enthalten sind je nach Ausführung Fadenspule, Messerblatt, Hochentaster und/oder Heckenschere. Damit ist das Multi-Tool für alle Einsatzgebiete im und um den Garten bestens gerüstet. Dank des teilbaren Schaftes lassen sich die Multitools im Handumdrehen für eine platzsparende Aufbewahrung oder den bequemen Transport im Kofferraum zerlegen.

  • | Multi-Tool verwendbar mit Metallmesserblatt, Fadenspulen-, Kettensägen und/oder Heckenscheren-Aufsatz
  • | Durchzugsstarke Motorsense als Basisgerät
  • | Wahlweise mit Akku- oder Benzin-Motor
  • | Teilbarer Schaft für leichten Transport und platzsparende Aufbewahrung

Fadenspule: zum Trimmen und Ausputzen von hohem Gras
Messerblatt: zum Mähen von hohem Gras und Gestrüpp
Hochentaster: zum Beschnitt von Zweigen und Ästen an hohen Stellen in Bäumen
Heckenschere: für den bequemen Schnitt von hohen Hecken

Top Tip: Den Akku der PowerFlex- und EnergyFlex-Familie können Sie auch in vielen weiteren Geräten verwenden.

Easy Flex Family

Innovative, light and clean - this is the EasyFlex battery family, with which makes all common gardening work effortless. The trick: The powerful lithium-ion battery fits into all EasyFlex devices allowing it to be fit into the tool to suit the application.

The heart of the EasyFlex family is the 20 V max / 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery pack. In addition to the attractive design, it also impresses with its low weight and short charging time of only 50 minutes; The battery charge level can be conveniently and easily read via the integrated LED display.

If the battery is fully charged, you can work with it for up to 480 minutes, depending on the device. In addition to the 34.8 Li lawn mower, numerous hand tools are available - from grass trimmer to hedge trimmer and chainsaw to versatile handheld devices such as plant sprayers and useful battery weed sweeper.

For batteries purchased after 01/06/2017, we offer a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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