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Intelligent Lawn Care Intelligent Lawn Care A regular trim keeps the lawn in perfect condition at all times. The double-blade technology provides a natural fertiliser, because the clippings are finely chopped up within the mower deck, and are blown back into the lawn. This means there is no need to dispose of the clippings either.
Return to base at the push of a button Return to base at the push of a button The Home key makes it possible to interrupt mowing at any time. When the key is pressed, the automatic mower returns to its base station.
Invisible Boundary Invisible Boundary The boundary cable only needs to be laid around the mowing area once, then it reliably demarcates the working area.
Autonomous Working Autonomous Working The clearly laid-out control panel makes programming of the Robolinho a breeze. Simply enter the required times when the automatic lawnmower should operate, and leave it to work.
High-Grip Tread High-Grip Tread Powerful traction as standard – rubber coated wheels provide powerful traction and a good grip on the ground – on inclines of up to 35%.
In all weather In all weather The built-in rain sensor gives you the choice: mow in the rain or take a break.
Cut to the right size Cut to the right size The cutting height adjustment can be set with just one hand motion – quickly and effortlessly.
Mature Technology Mature Technology The printed circuit board is the heart of the Robolinho© and the control centre for fully automatic, everyday operation. For example, it detects obstacles, avoids them automatically and always returns to the base station in good time to recharge.
A Clean Solution A Clean Solution The double mulching blade system reduces debris build-up in the deck, provides a perfect cut and saves the trouble of disposing of grass clippings.
Functional Operation Functional Operation The clearly laid-out and easily operated display means it is easier for you to adjust settings, and provides you with important information about the operating status
Made in ... Made in ... AL-KO have been manufacturing garden tools for over 50 years, all of which combine the latest technology and innovation. The foundation of our success started in 1966 with the production of our first petrol lawnmower in our Austrian factory in Obdach, with over 7 million more units manufactured since.


The Robolinho® robot mowers are fully automated and capable of caring for lawns up to 2000 square meters.

Dynamic design and quiet operation thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery. Developed by our skilled engineers in Germany and carefully manufactured in our production facilities in Austria

Product advantages:

  • I Unique double blade technology for optimum cutting
  • I Easy operation of the robotic mower via an electronic display
  • I High traction wheels enable climbing ability of slopes up to 35%
  • I Integrated sensor technology for maximum safety
  • I Capable of operating in gardens with ponds and complex designs


Robolinho® 450 W

Small compact and agile: The Robolinho® 450 W is designed for small lawns up to 450 m². Designed for small passages and the tightest corners, it will make light work of intricate and winding gardens with slops up to 35%. The Robolinho® 450 W can also be conveniently controlled with a smartphone thanks to its WLAN connection and the AL-KO inTOUCH app.

Robolinho® 500 E

The Robolinho® 500E mows lawns up to 500 m² fully automatically and safely. Its low weight and high manoeuvrability, even in passages as narrow as 60 cm, ensure high mowing efficiency. It even masters gradients of up to 45% thanks to the high traction drive wheels.

Robolinho® 700 W

The Robolinho® 700 is made for lawns up to 700 m². Thanks to the large ground clearance, it easily maintains taller and denser grass. The double blade mower with a cutting width of 22 cm ensures a clean mowing result. Thanks to the built-in rain sensor, you have the choice to pause the Robolinho® when it rains.

Robolinho® 1200 W

The Robolinho® 1200 is ideal for maintaining lawns up to 1,200 m² and complex gardens. It has a cutting width of 23 cm and a practical rain sensor so that you can optionally suspend the mowing program when it rains. Six individually adjustable starting points make it the perfect robotic lawnmower for complex gardens. Compared to the Robolinho® 700, it mows twice as long at 140 minutes. The Robolinho® 1200 W can of course also be controlled on the go via the app.

Robolinho® 2000 W

The Robolinho® 2000 is the top of the range model of the Robolinho family and masters large lawns up to 2,000 m². Nine entry points can be set individually so that you can easily reach even remote garden areas and even passages as narrow as 60 cm. Thanks to its powerful battery, it mows up to 240 minutes at a time. Of course, the Robolinho® 2000 W is also compatible with the inTOUCH app and can be easily controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Gardening

With the AL-KO inTOUCH Smart Garden App and our Smart Cloud, you can connect your Robolinho® and other smart garden tools to create intelligent overall solutions that make gardening child's play for you.

The most important features at a glance:


  • I Start and stop the robotic mower
  • I Send the robot back to its base station
  • I Voice control e.g. via Amazon Alexa (coming soon)
  • I Link with other smart garden tools and web services via IFTTT
  • I Share the control of your Robolinho® with friends or family when you are away for a long time
  • I Send service reports directly to the dealer


  • I Installation Guide with step-by-step instructions
  • I Setting the mowing programs and times
  • I Assignment of entry points
  • I Activate and deactivate the rain sensor
  • I Assign individual nicknames for the Robolinho®
  • I Keep the Robolinho® up-to-date with software updates


  • I Display of the current activity (e.g. in operation or charging)
  • I Fault notification via email, SMS or push message if there is a problem on the device
  • I Display of the current battery charge level
  • I Information about the next mowing session or the remaining session time

Installation Service

Our all-round service offers you a full expert installation of your AL-KO robotic lawnmower.

The benefits for you:

  • I Robotic lawnmower & installation from a single source
  • I Installation & complete set up completed by your local service dealer who will provide you with a quote before completion.
You can get a detailed price breakdown

The installation package includes:

  • I Preliminary planning / advice on installation
  • I Pre-arranged date and time for the installation
  • I Laying the boundary cable
  • I Basic setting of the robotic lawnmower
  • I Introduction to the functions of the robotic lawnmower

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Product Videos

The installation videos show how the Robotic lawnmower operates and also provide useful installation tips


You can search for the answer in our FAQs. Just enter the keyword and click on search.


Fully automatic after just 3 steps of installation: A thin cable is laid around the lawn in the ground. This boundary wire sends the Robolinho back and the Robolinho randomly moves to another boundary. Thus, all areas of the lawn are mowed effectively. At the edge of the mowing area, a base station is placed, which Robolinho will automatically visit when the battery becomes weak. The Robolinho is programmed with weekly routines and fine tuning and off you go.

No, the freshly laid wire will disappear under the grass surface in two to four weeks. The installation pegs keep the cable on the ground however if you prefer you can also bury the cable down to a max. 6 cm.

These surfaces are excluded from the mowing surface using the boundary cable.

If it is an object with a minimum height of 4-5 cm, the Robolinho drives against it, turns and starts again in a (random) other direction.

The large, coarsely profiled wheels provide strong traction for uneven surfaces and inclines up to 35%.

Robolinho is secured by a PIN and PUK code, like a mobile phone. This code must be entered before commissioning, so it will be unusable for anyone who does not own the code.

The integrated mulch system leaves tiny shredded grass clippings. This remains on the lawn and disintegrates as a natural fertiliser.

No, the Robolinho has a weatherproof case and a rain sensor that stops the operation when it rains. The Robolinho returns to the base station.

The Robolinho can work through day and night, with the operating hours set by the user.

The Robolinho works very quietly, the guaranteed volume is 69 dB (A).

There are lifting and tilting sensors which ensure immediate stopping of the blade. There is an additional emergency stop button on the housing.

Yes, it does not use oil or petrol, the Robolinho works with a powerful Li-Ion battery (2.9 Ah / 25.2 V). There are no exhaust gases generated.

The Robolinho does not pollute the air. Grass and dust particles are hardly disturbed, so allergic reactions are less likely to be triggered. Since the Robolinho works alone, it is well suited for allergy sufferers.

The grass should not exceed 15 cm in length, but the density of the lawn can also affect cutting performance. It is recommended that you do not mow more than half of the grass length at a time.

Yes, all foreign objects can cause malfunctions.

Depending on the model, the garden area can be up to 2000 square meters.

An instruction manual with a quick guide is included. Your dealer will be happy to help you with the initial set up.

Yes, if they are connected by a corridor. For areas which are not connected, you put a second base station on the secondary area.

Yes, regular mowing, which can be preset via the weekly program, provides optimal care. Thanks to the mulching system, mowing and mulching are done in one go. The cut grass is finely chopped and dropped into the lawn acting as a fertiliser for grass.

The total mowing time depends on the size of the area, the layout of the lawn, mowing conditions and the length of the grass.

No, the user interface with LCD display and 6 buttons makes it easy to use

No, the battery life is very long. Furthermore, the Li-Ion battery charges without memory effect, thus hardly any self-discharge and ensures a long life.

Robolinho moves randomly within the mowing area, which is marked out with the boundary wire. It does not go beyond this "virtual fence".

This is not necessary, because the heavily shredded clippings quickly decompose and act as a natural fertiliser.

Ponds, swimming pools and other areas can be excluded from the mowing area by the perimeter wire.

If you activate the menu option edge-mowing, the Robolinho mows along the boundary wire.

The Robolinho drives straight on, along the boundary wire, to its base station and mows no more that day.

No, but the owner has to decide whether to let Robolinho run unattended or not. In either case, it is safe and saves time.

No, setting up is very simple and only required once. The enclosed operating instructions will help you.

Yes, manually in 5 steps.

Robolinho has a waterproof case that protects it from moisture. If the rain sensor is active, the Robolinho drives to the base station.


Approx. 8 kg

This depends on the model but the Robolinho 110 and 3000 dimensions are L / W / H: 600/490/245 mm

The system consists of a plastic knife plate with two cutting blades.

The cutting widths vary by model from 20cm to 32 cm.

At 3400 rpm

A red stop button acts as an emergency stop button is clearly visible on the housing. The Robolinho can also be sent to the base station with the Home button. Only then does Robolinho no longer work. The base station also has a home button.

Not by its volume. The Robolinho is a high-tech quiet product and impresses with its work performance and unobtrusive colour.

No, it leaves no uneven pattern when cut. The rotating blades produce only a small flow of air which does not push the grass flat, which would otherwise produce the streaks on the lawn.

No, the base station is also waterproof. The charging contacts are made of stainless steel and do not corrode. In strong sunlight, shading is recommended.

With proper care, the life expectancy is two to four years on average.

Yes, two years from the date of purchase.

No, that's not necessary.

No, the battery can remain connected at all times. A control regulates that the Robolinho can not be overloaded.

Store Robolinho and base station in a dry and frost-free place.

Yes, they are in the manual.

Everything concerning maintenance, storage and care is described in detail in the manual.

This is not necessary. In exceptional cases, the authorized specialist will help you further.

To avoid cumbersome searching, the boundary wire must be protected from damage. At least use a lawn nail every 100 cm.

Check the clock setting and the time setting of the weekly program.

Yes, within the predefined mowing period.

At your dealer, who will also install the battery.

With the help of your operating instructions, please check whether all installation measures are correct. If no errors are found, contact your dealer.

Repair attempts not made a Robolinho dealer. In the event of technical modifications to Robolinho. In the event of improper use. When used for commercial use

Damage due to normal wear and tear. These parts are marked with a frame on the spare parts card.

At an authorised service dealer, which can be found on our homepage via the dealer locator.

Within the warranty period Al-Ko receives a pick-up order from the customer or the dealer. In the case of the warranty, this collection and delivery is free.

Pickup, repair and return take on average two weeks. During the mowing season, this period can be extended.

Yes, you do not have to hope the sun will shine when you have time to mow.

You rest and let your Robolinho fully automatically create a beautiful lawn in your garden.

Accessories for Robotic Lawn Mowers

150 m Pack of Loop Wire
150 m Pack of Loop Wire
Robolinho Cable Repair Kit
Robolinho Cable Repair Kit