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Our mid-range models offering a step up in quality and user comfort

Highline Lawnmowers

The Multi Functional mower: 3in1 or 4in1-mowers for all lawns up to 1.800 m² with and without wheel drive

Silver Mulch Mowers

Quality range of mulching and side discharge lawnmowers suitable for lawns up to 1400m2

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Our simple yet effective lawn mowers


The high-performance mowers: for the highest demands and 4in1 function for lawns up to 1,800 square meters

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Easy Hooking In and Out Easy Hooking In and Out No more backaches or trapped fingers. Thanks to the EasyClick engagement with guide rail, emptying the compact grass catcher could not be easier.
Central Height Adjustment Central Height Adjustment The cutting height can be conveniently adjusted with just one hand motion – centrally and amazingly easily thanks to spring support.
Full Catcher, Fewer Interruptions Full Catcher, Fewer Interruptions MaxAirflow technology means that the lawn clippings are thrown to the back of the grass catcher, as a result of which it is filled to the top and does not have to be emptied so often.


Advantages of petrol lawnmowers Petrol lawn mowers enable large lawns or difficult terrains to be mowed easily. AL-KO mowers are designed for garden sizes of up to 2,000 square meters. Some of our petrol engine mowers do not require any muscle power thanks to their wheel drive.

  • | Petrol lawn mowers are unrestricted.
    Petrol mowers ensure maximum usability especially in larger gardens while electric machines quickly reach their limits or are limited by a cable.
  • | Long grass - no problem
    Some lawn mowers have problems with longer grass growth. Thanks to powerful engines and aerodynamic deck shapes, this limit is significantly higher for AL-KO petrol lawn mowers renowned for their superior collection ability in almost any conditions.
  • | Large grass boxes
    For long mowing periods, the large, easily fillable grass collectors ensure maximum mowing time and minimal grass emptying time. All collectors feature a full indicator to avoid blockages
  • |

Product Range

"solo by AL-KO" - Comfort in Perfection
The petrol lawnmowers of the "solo by AL-KO" range offer maximum comfort in operation. They are characterised by many additional features and the best quality. For example, the robust aluminum reinforcements of the "solo by AL-KO" petrol mower guarantee perfect handling and longevity. They are designed for heavy and frequent use. "Solo by AL-KO" machinery are therefore ideal for all gardeners who want to mow a large lawn area while enjoying maximum comfort. All "solo by AL-KO" devices can be purchased exclusively from AL-KO specialist retailers or our on-line shop.
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"Highline" - innovation in technology and comfort
With the "Highline" series, we have created a product line that combines a high level of innovation and a modern design. The devices offer the different functions of a lawn mower in a new modern way. MaxAirflow Technology is particularly helpful when mowing as the lawn cuttings are thrown to the rear of the catch basket, filling it up to the top therefore having to be emptied less frequently. The integrated handle on the front of the "Highline" lawnmower is ideal when it comes to transporting the lawnmower or lifting it above steps or obstacles in the garden.
The easy-drive cockpit (on certain models) for example makes the operation of the mower easy and is supported by a soft handle for mowing in comfort. It is even more convenient for products with wheel drive because the "VarioSpeed" function allows the speed of the lawn mower to be adapted to the users walking speed. The EasyClick system of the grass collector allows easy removal and effortless attachment. The products of the "Highline" range are therefore suitable for all passionate gardeners who enjoy gardening and appreciate a quality product which has been built to last.
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“Silver "- mulching lawnmowers
The petrol lawnmowers, which run under the name "Silver", are special lawn mowers which are dedicated for mulching. When using a mulch mower, the grass is cut into tiny pieces and blown back deep into the lawn. These act as a natural lawn fertiliser and protects against dehydration, whilst at the same time eliminates the annoying disposal of the grass cuttings.
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"Easy" - Simple and effective
Mowers within the Easy range provide simplicity at an attractive price. Despite being the entry level range, they provide great functionality with single cutting height adjustment, good sized grass collectors and steel plate mower decks you would expect to find on more expensive models. The wheel drive on the 4.6 and 5.1 SP-S models are perfect for lawns which have slopes as the mower will propel itself.


Of course, each product line, whether "solo by AL-KO", "Highline" or "Silver" have different technical criteria for every requirement. Mowers with the 3in1 function offer cutting, collecting and mulching functions and mowers with the 4in1function means that side discharge is possible in addition to the previous three functions. Furthermore, we also offer models with an aluminum housing in our series "solo by AL-KO". It offers the advantage of highest stability and longevity compared to the standard material steel deck machines. It is also resistant to deformation, corrosion and has noise dampening qualities.


Tips & Advice

Before you start
Very important: Before starting your petrol lawn mower, you should first check whether petrol is in the tank. If you have a four-stroke petrol lawn mower, check the oil level. This can be seen on the oil dipstick.

Starting the mower
To start a lawnmower, place it on a flat surface, and make sure there are no stones or other objects which could damage the blade.

As a rule of thumb in Central Europe: 3-6 cm lawn height is ideal as is promotes a healthy thick lawn. Whether it is a cordless, electric or petrol lawn mower - you should cut your lawn by a maximum of 1/3. In the dry months be more careful as cutting in dry conditions can lead to the grass drying out.

What to do if the engine "floods"?
"Flooding" means when too much fuel gets from the carburettor into the ignition chamber and the spark plug becomes wet. The solution is simple: Unscrew the spark plug, dry it gently or take a replacement spark plug if necessary.

In order to protect the engines on petrol lawn mowers whilst being stored in the winter, you should first deal with the contents of the fuel and oil tanks. When fuel has been stored in the fuel tank of the mower for a long period of time, the Ethanol in the fuel attracts water from within the fuel tank and also draws the moisture out of any rubber components causing them to crack and become brittle resulting in possible engine damage. To remove the petrol, it is best to let the mower run idle until the engine cuts off by itself. Follow the engine instructions to change the engine oil.

You should also check the spark plugs for petrol-powered mowers. If these are heavily soiled or the electrode distance does not fit, you should contact your local AL-KO service dealer

Purchase Advice

If you have further questions about purchasing an AL-KO product, you can call our customer service team on 01963 828055 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:30. Please contact us via e-mail outside of these times and we will contact you the next working day:

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The unit was tilted wrongly, oil is in the muffler and / or air filter. The air filter must be dismantled and cleaned. Then check and adjust the oil level in the engine. Then let the engine run, after a few minutes, the smoke should decrease. Warning: unburned engine oil drips out of the silencer so be aware of environmental pollution! For cleaning, only tilt the appliance according to the instructions.

The air filter may be dirty and need to be replaced. The oil level in the engine must be checked and adjusted. Then let the engine run. If the smoke does not stop, the device should be checked by an AL-KO service partner

We strongly advise against the use of take-off pilot or similar. Chemicals can in the worst case lead to engine damage. We recommend a review and possibly carburettor cleaning by an AL-KO service partner

Check fuel tank contents, top up with petrol if necessary. Some suction carburetors always leave a residue of one to two cm of fuel in the tank. Residues in the fuel or a defective air filter can get dirt into the carburettor. The carburetor must be removed and cleaned.

It can take any petrol with min. 77 oct. Super Unleaded fuel is 95 oct and can be safely used. Each motor is suitable for E10 - Do not store fuel for over 4 weeks as it will start to go bad if untreated.

An SAE 30 motor oil is recommended, a 5W30 or 10W40 can also be used.

Possible causes: grass too wet, too much long grass, driving speed too fast, dirty mower deck, wrong engine speed, collector box ventilation holes clogged.

The blade may need be sharpened, the mower deck cleaned, and the engine speed possibly set. Please contact an AL-KO service partner

No. The knife edge is designed so that the service life is optimal.

Clean the unit, change the air filter, spark plug and oil. The blade may be sharpened and balanced. Store in a dry place.

Accessories for Petrol Lawn Mowers

Engine Service Kit 3-piece
Engine Service Kit 3-piece