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Energy Flex

Free and flexible - the leaf blower from the EnergyFlex family.


The lightweight cordless leaf blower for effortless work.

solo by AL-KO

The powerful wheeled vacuum option


Free and flexible - the leaf blower from the EnergyFlex family.

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Energy Flex Energy Flex

With trimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, the EnergyFlex family offers multiple garden tools that can be operated with the same battery.


When the leaves falls from the trees in autumn, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners must be ready for use

solo by AL-KO 750 P
The high-performance 750 P wheeled vacuum with a working width of 75 cm and powerful 2.0 kW motor from Briggs & Stratton provides powerful collection even when the leaves are wet or damp and can be used on pathways or lawns effectively.

AL-KO LB 4060 - EnergyFlex
The rechargeable battery blower AL-KO LB 4060 is part of the EnergyFlex family and with its rechargeable battery and its light weight is ideal for use at home.

Tips & Advice

In Autumn, you can see the colourful trees and forests whilst you can hear the rustling on the ground whilst you walk. As the leaves fall and cover the ground in the garden recycled, the fallen leaves can be collected to keep your garden tidy.

Lawn damage
The leaves may look attractive but they should not be left on the lawn. On freshly cut lawns, it is particularly important to remove the layer of foliage, as the rotting foliage can damage the young, and therefore sensitive grass. But also, a well-grown established lawn can become yellow under the layer due to the lack of sunlight.

Easy removal
If there are only a few leaves are on the lawn at the beginning of Autumn, they can be picked up with the lawn mower. However, if the leaf layer becomes denser, this becomes tedious as the collector is quickly filled at which point a leaf blower or vacuum becomes very useful.

Add leaves to your compost bin
A way to utilise the collected leaves is to add them into the compost bin: Collect the dry foliage in bags and mix it gradually under the compost. Optimal composting conditions are alternating layers of kitchen waste, lawn cuttings and foliage. This results in an optimal ratio of nitrogen and carbon in the rotting mass.

If you have a lot of foliage in the garden and all the beds are already covered with a mulch layer, simply collect it in a bin or similar container. Keep the foliage well moist and squeeze the leaves together repeatedly so that they occupy less space. After some time, the content is decomposed and can also be used as a mulch. However, it can also be buried in the soil and mixed with it, since it gives the soil important nutrients and thus contributes to the improvement of soil quality.
Another way to utilise the leaves is to add them into the compost bin: collect the dry foliage in bags and mix it gradually under the compost. Optimal conditions are achieved by alternating layers of kitchen waste, lawn cuttings and leaves. This results in an optimal ratio of nitrogen and carbon in the rotting mass.
If you want to gather the fallen leaves for composting in containers, you can use the blowing function of the leaf blower to gather the leaves and debris in one place making them easy to collect

Look out for leaf diseases
When collecting the foliage, look for signs of disease such as black spot disease. Some diseases are very robust so they can break out again in spring, and they sometimes stay for several years. Any affected leaves should be buried deep in the ground or in the middle of the composting where the spores are killed by the heat.

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The unit was tilted wrongly, oil is in the muffler and / or air filter. The air filter must be dismantled and cleaned. Then check and adjust the oil level in the engine. Then let the engine run, after a few minutes, the smoke should decrease. Warning: unburned engine oil drips out of the silencer so be aware of environmental pollution! For cleaning, only tilt the appliance according to the instructions.

The air filter may be dirty and need to be replaced. The oil level in the engine must be checked and adjusted. Then let the engine run. If the smoke does not stop, the device should be checked by an AL-KO service dealer.

We strongly advise against the use of take-off pilot or similar. Chemicals can in the worst case lead to engine damage. We recommend a review and possibly carburettor cleaning by an AL-KO service dealer.

Accessories for Leaf blowers and vacuums

Energy Flex B150 Li  40V / 4.0 Ah Battery
Energy Flex B150 Li 40V / 4.0 Ah Battery



Energy Flex C130 Li Fast Charger
Energy Flex C130 Li Fast Charger



3-piece Engine Service Kit
3-piece Engine Service Kit