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Mit den EnergyFlex Akku-Kettensägen verarbeiten Sie kabel- und mühelos Holz.


Akku-Sägen für Einsteiger - leichte und kompakte Bauweise.

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Practical accessories for the EnergyFlex battery range

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Quickly tensioned Quickly tensioned The quick-tension chain wheel enables the chain to be tightened and set without tools - this means even the chain and guide bar can be changed quickly.
Durable and maintenance-friendly Durable and maintenance-friendly In their design, AL-KO electric chain saws not only offer a perfect look, but also feature powerful motors and original Oregon guide bars and chains for high-performance cutting and long durability. Automatic chain lubrication and the viewing window on the oil tank make maintenance easier.

Cordless chainsaw in the EnergyFlex range

The cordless chain saw combines the advantages of the petrol chainsaw, such as flexibility, with the advantages of electric chain saws, such as low maintenance and zero emissions. The cordless chainsaw impresses with its slim design and its wireless, emission-free Li-Ion Power.

Additional advantages:
  • I Strong cutting performance and working life thanks to Oregon bar and chain
  • I Model from the EnergyFlex range using the same battery and charger (battery and charger not included)
  • I Simple, tool-less chain tensioning
  • I Automatic chain lubrication with window on the oil tank
  • I The quick chain brake system and hand guard ensure safety

EnergyFlex: The focus is on the battery
This saw delivers great performance with the 40 volts max. and 4 Ah battery. In addition to this, the lithium-ion cells make it exceptionally durable and non-self-discharging with no memory effect. The best thing about the lawnmowers is that the battery and its charger are already included so in future only the tool (without battery) has to be purchased.

Chainsaw Advice

Cordless chainsaws are very powerful tools to use in the garden. As they have powerful motors and sharp chains, it is important to be very careful with these devices.

  • I The right protective clothing
    Before you get started, you must get dressed! Protection of the head, eyes, ears, hands, legs and feet is advised. For the head area there is a protective helmet with visor and hearing protection, which protects against noise and flying branches and chips. In addition, it is essential to wear a cut-resistant pair of trousers with reinforced leg inserts and cut protection boots when working with the chain saw.

  • I Starting the cordless chainsaw
    Battery-powered saws are very easy to start. Release the chain brake, keep the lock button pressed and at the same time press the on / off switch.

  • I How to hold the cordless chainsaw correctly
    Always hold the chain saw with both hands! The chain saw should be supported as much as possible (on the trunk or the stop claw). The support increases the safety and facilitates the holding work.

  • I Correct posture during sawing
    The basic position when cutting with the chainsaw is always to be selected in such a way that the body can not be brought out of balance by impact and pull. For a firm and secure stance, the legs stand laterally offset and lengthwise. The left foot, however, must not be placed in front of the working line. Do not use electric chainsaws on ladders or in trees.

  • I Care: Regular re-tensioning and lubrication of the cordless chainsaw
    The regular tensioning of the chain leads to less wear to the bar and prevents the chain from jumping off. Also important is the chain oil. Because sawing without oil would mean the early requirement of a new bar and chain. The automatic chain lubrication and the window on the oil tank also facilitate maintenance.

  • I Cleaning the chainsaw is essential
    Regular cleaning of the chainsaw of dried, stubborn dirt such as resin is essential. Remove the chain and clean the saw after each operation. Particularly important is to always use a sharp chain. You should sharpen this yourself if you have had previous professional guidance. AL-KO service dealers are able to assist with the sharpening of saw chains.

Basic tips for using the chainsaw:

1. Always handle the machine with care! Carelessness can have nasty consequences.
2. Use good chain oil! The life of the saw will thank you.
3. When using petrol saws, you breathe exhaust fumes, but with a battery saw there are no emissions.

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An AL-KO cordless chain saw appeals with its slim design, cordless, emission-free Li-Ion power. For more information, see our product videos

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