AL-KO Battery Garden Tools

The Heart Of The EnergyFlex Family

AL-KO EnergyFlex Lithium Ionen Akku

Lithium-ion battery

The EnergyFlex battery delivers impressive power with its 36 Volt and 4 Ah. Thanks to its lithium-ion cells, it is exceptionally durable and not self-discharging because it has no memory effect. Lawn mowing, hedge cutting or autumn holidays with one and the same battery - with the EnergyFlex family no problem. The best thing about the lawnmowers is that the battery and its charger are included, so that only the right handsets (without battery) have to be bought.


Energy Flex Battery Powered Garden Tools



AL-KO Akku Rasenmäher Moweo

Battery Lawnmowers

Thanks to a robust steel housing, a large grass collector and an optional wheel drive, the Moweo battery from the EnergyFlex family combines the advantages of a classic petrol lawn mower with the quiet and exhaust-free operation of an electrical appliance - without cables. 

AL-KO Akku Trimmer

Battery Grass Trimmers

The EnergyFlex grass trimmer provides performance and comfort. The 3-fold inclination adjustment on the trimmer head allows for easy trimming of difficult-to-reach places, whilst the 180 ° rotation function a precise cutting of lawn edges. The adjustable telescopic aluminum shaft and handle ensure comfortable working.

AL-KO Battery Hedge Trimmer

Battery Hedge Trimmers

The 36V EnergyFlex hedge trimmer utilises a diamond cut double reciprocating cutting blade enabling a high quality of finish. Perfectly balanced, the Li-Ion battery powered hedge trimmer has been designed in such a way so that the trimmer always sits optimally in your hand.

AL-KO Battery Leaf Blower

Battery Leaf Blowers

The EnergyFlex leaf blower trimmer is lightweight and comfortable to operate. The powerful blower produces a maximum air speed of 250 km/h which can be controlled via a rotary wheel. The two attachments supplied with the blower enable you to clear a focussed or wide area efficiently.

AL-KO Battery Multi Tool

Battery Multi Tool

The EnergyFlex Multi Tool offers maximum durability. The MT36Li is the base to which the grass trimmer, brushcutter, pole pruner and long reach hedge trimmer attachments can be fitted enabling you to have the correct cordless tool for the task on hand..

AL-KO Battery Chainsaw

Battery Chainsaw

The AL-KO battery chainsaw provides excellent cutting performance and long life due to the Oregon guide bar and chain. The chainsaw features automatic chain lubrication and allows simple chain tensioning without tools. The chain brake and hand protection bar with quick chain stop ensures optimal safety whilst using the saw.

AL-KO EnergyFlex Multi Tool