The best comes together

solo by AL-KO merges innovative AL-KO lawn care technology with the proven garden and forestry technology of SOLO into a new, high-quality product line for private and professional users. With the goal of always finding the optimum, striving to inspire with new products, and permanently fulfilling the wishes of our customers.




solo by AL-KO offers garden care products and forestry technology engineered in Germany and made in Austria. Every device that we design and develop in Kötz in the Bavarian-Swabian region is manufactured in our new production facilities in Austria with the highest precision and using the latest technology. Professional level for professionals.




The person is the focus

solo by AL-KO focuses on the person, around whom everything revolves. That’s why all products bear a round logo that represents the user in his work environment, thus highlighting the interaction between man and machine. This is also the origin of the SOLO brand name, which refers to the fact that an individual person was able to work a vineyard alone for the first time thanks to innovative spray technology.