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In high-grass meadows and ecological natural gardens, machines such as this scythe mower, which can cut meadow grass just as well as thick, matted weeds, are in particular demand. The moveable grass deflector and shorter distance between the wheel and the beam considerably improve grass depositing, while the enclosed drive system on the mower mechanism with its specially-hardened ESM blade and height-adjustable outsoles ensure a long service life.


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The extra-powerful combo device with a scythe attachment and mower mechanism, tiller and ridge plough as well as sweeper is not just the perfect partner for lawn care, tilling and cleaning - thanks to the snow plough and chains; it is also well equipped for winter use. The best: Depending on the demands and requirement, the 2.5-kW base unit can be combined with any of the six different attachments.


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Whether large areas or small, heavy soils or loose – with an operating depth up to 15 cm and a tilling width of up to 75 cm, these cultivators are an indispensable aid for every owner of a kitchen garden. Equipped with chain drive and an ergonomic handlebar with an easy-to-reach engine management lever, the cultivators also score points with an integrated transport wheel for easy transport after the work has been done.




The powerful blower vac with a 75-cm working width and a powerful 2.0 kW Briggs & Stratton engine just keeps on vacuuming - even wet or moist lawns and paths are no problem at all. An optional, practical suction hose with nozzle accessories is also available for getting into the smallest corners to remove leaves and dirt.


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With a large main hopper for soft material, separate branch feed for branches up to 40 mm or 43 mm diameter (TCS Duotec 3000) and the innovative cutting mechanism with inclined blades, the TCS Duotec shredders turn everything that comes between their blades into kindling. An additional blade is mounted on the blade plate, and is used for pre-shredding the waste, guaranteeing the best results.




This light, electric hedge trimmer with a 45-cm cutting length enables long-term, fatigue-free work and ensures a clean cut due to its ergonomic handle, laser-cut blades, and powerful motor. The Pleul eccentric drive minimises vibrations, and works together with the integrated overload protection to ensure maximum durability.