• Perfect golf green for the garden with the new AL-KO hand lawnmowers

    Kötz – Achieving a perfectly manicured lawn while at the same time protecting the environment is no problem with the new AL-KO hand lawnmowers – no noise, no fumes, and no maintenance.

    New hand lawnmowers Razor Cut 28.1 HM Easy, 38.1 HM Comfort and 38.1 HM Premium

  • Introduction to the Easy, Comfort & Premium Lawnmower Ranges

    New 2021 AL-KO Petrol Lawnmower range.

    AL-KO are pleased to announce a new petrol lawn mower range which will be available in Spring 2021. The new range will be split into three different categories – Easy, Comfort and Premium. Below is a brief overview of the mower range.


    The Easy range of petrol lawn mowers are our entry level models featuring a simple design and powered by AL-KO Tech engines. These mowers are ideal for homeowners looking for a simple yet effective lawnmower.