• AL-KO MT 36 Li included in 'Autumn tidy-up' article.

    The AL-KO MT 36 Li was recently included in an ‘Autumn tidy-up’ feature by The Telegraph with the focus being on battery powered gardening tools. The article explains that purchasing a multi tool saves on storage space as there is only one “engine” and you can choose the attachments to suit your garden and requirements.

  • Takeover of the New Zealand top brand Masport.

    The German AL-KO Gardentech will take over the New Zealand garden and outdoor equipment manufacturer Masport, subject to Completion. The parties agreed on confidentiality regarding the financial terms. The subscription was made in August 2017.

  • As we start to approach the holiday season, many of us will be jetting off for a well-earned rest. Before we leave, it is common for people to ask a neighbour to look after their pets or water the plants but asking them to mow the lawn does not happen so regularly. The garden lawn is often left to grow and on your return from a stress-free holiday, you are immediately greeted with an over grown lawn which needs to be cut.

  • For comfortable and accurate trimming.

    If you are looking for an efficient electric or battery hedge trimmer be sure to check out the AL-KO range of quality hedge trimmers which are designed to be comfortable to use and leave a quality finish.

  • Find the perfect self propelled lawn mower for mowing large lawns in comfort

    If you are looking for a new lawnmower to use in a large garden, and want to get the job done quickly and in comfort, then an AL-KO petrol lawn mower with a 51cm cutting width could be the perfect solution.

  • The 2017 range of garden tractors sees the popular AL-KO T16-92 and T16 -102 Edition lawn tractors become a part of the solo by AL-KO family. These reliable and well regarded lawn tractors still feature the same quality features as they did under the AL-KO Edition brand but have some cosmetic changes to bring them in line with all the other tractors under the solo by AL-KO branding.

  • Following on from the successful launch of the EnergyFlex range in 2016, AL-KO have increased the number of products available by adding a battery powered Multi-Tool and a chainsaw, increasing the versatility of even further.

  • AL-KO Scarfiers
    Understand how lawnraking and scarifying benefit your lawn.

    As we start to approach spring and start to get to work in the garden, people are starting to think about how to achieve healthy green lawn to enjoy during the summer. Scarifying your lawn during the spring is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn as this ensures that the light, nutrients and water can all access the roots of the grass promoting healthy growth.

  • Keep your lawn healthy the natural way.

    If you would rather not have the hassle of collecting and disposing grass cuttings, then a lawn mower with a mulching function is what you need.

  • How to choose a new lawn mower
    A guide on finding your perfect mower.

    As we start to look forward to the new lawn mowing season, you may be starting to think about purchasing a new lawnmower. You would think this is simple, but there are so many different varieties of lawnmower available, it is sometimes difficult to decide which mower would be the best for your garden.