NEW: The AL-KO Hand Lawnmowers
Perfect golf green for the garden with the new AL-KO hand lawnmowers

Kötz – Achieving a perfectly manicured lawn while at the same time protecting the environment is no problem with the new AL-KO hand lawnmowers – no noise, no fumes, and no maintenance.

New hand lawnmowers Razor Cut 28.1 HM Easy, 38.1 HM Comfort and 38.1 HM Premium

The three new members of the AL-KO family feature zero-contact and lawn-friendly cutting technology. With their high-quality 5-blade mowing cylinder made of hardened special steel, they guarantee a perfect cut and uniform filling of the grass catcher. The stepless height adjustment of the 38.1 HM Premium enables mowing heights of 14 mm to 45 mm. The 4-stage height adjustment of the Easy and Comfort versions means that mowing heights of between 14 mm and 45 mm can be selected. In addition, the single-axle design ensures extreme maneuverability and compensation of uneven ground. Stylish and yet robust: the lightweight housing with XXL-wide tyres is protected against impact and scratches by its rubber bumper.

Weighing just 6.8 kg, the Razor Cut 28.1 HM Easy is particularly maneuverable. Moreover, its XXL-wheels make it easy to push. Its mowing width of 28 cm is well suited for lawns of up to 150 m². 

Its slightly bigger brother, the Razor Cut 38.1 HM Comfort, boasts a mowing width of 38 cm and is ideal for areas of up to 250 m². With its XXL-wheels and weight of just 7.7 kg, it is also a light and highly maneuverable hand lawnmower.

The Razor Cut 38.1 HM Premium (8.9 kg) also has a mowing width of 38 cm and is therefore suitable for lawns of up to 250 m². Its XXL wheels with rubber tyres offer a high degree of comfort even on bumpy ground, while guaranteeing optimal traction and protecting the turf. The hand mower’s smooth height adjustment mechanism make it exceptionally easy to handle. This model also features a collapsible handle for space-saving storage.

The new AL-KO hand lawnmowers are available from retailers and in the AL-KO online shop

(Note: We are experiencing delays in receiving stock of the Razor Cut 38.1 HM Premium)