New Robolinho® W WiFi robotic lawnmowers can be controlled from anywhere!
inTOUCH with AL-KO Gardentech

As a Smart Garden specialist, AL-KO Gardentech attaches great importance to consistently developing products for the future and is now proud to be presenting the new WLAN-enabled Robolinho® W. The new solo by AL-KO Robolinho® W models are available to order now from your local dealer or the webshop. No matter where you are, whether at home on the couch, working in the office or even in a different country on holiday, by using the AL-KO inTOUCH app, the robotic lawnmowers can be operated from anywhere and their status can be viewed. This makes the Smart Garden a reality.

Particularly practical: The user also receives additional useful information, for example when the sharpness of the cutting blades has decreased and they need to be changed, and if the you should allow your specialist dealer remote access to the robotic lawnmower, they can monitor the mower for you.Lawn care could hardly be more simple and convenient!

Best connected: Should the Robolinho® W lose reception to the WLAN, no worries - all commands are stored in a cloud and are called up as soon as the ® returns to an areas with a good reception. Another benefit of the Robolinho® W is that software updates can be installed directly on the robotic lawnmower using WiFi via the cloud.