AL-KO Gardentech starts cooperation with online provider IFTTT
Next level: Gardening is getting smarter

AL-KO Gardentech is constantly looking at ways of improving the quality of life of its customers through innovative new products and technologies. Now the Smart Garden specialist goes one step further and announces the collaboration with the online provider IFTTT, which connects web services and smart devices via the cloud.

Individual linking options for smart garden tools

Managing your own personalised smart home is child's play thanks to the functions of IFTTT. The concept behind this platform is the networking of hundreds of web services and smart devices under the motto "Every thing works better together". Visit IFTTT.com/alko_smart_garden to create a free IFTTT service with "AL-KO Smart Garden", which allows you to set up automation routines involving your garden tools in just a few clicks.

The the solo by AL-KO robotic lawnmowers 700 W, 1200 W and 2000 W can be controlled and automated via IFTTT routines. There are two ways to link Robolinho® to other web services and devices:

a) If Robolinho® receives a signal ("trigger") specified by the user from another web service or device, an action of the Robolinho® defined by the user is triggered (eg start Robolinho®).

b) When Robolinho® reaches a state specified by the user (e.g. Robolinho® has moved into the base station), an action defined by the user of another web service or device is triggered.

AL-KO Smart Garden - one service, numerous options

Thanks to the basic IFTTT concept, it is possible to define different scenarios . For example, the Robolinho® can be set to not mow when it is dark outside. For this purpose, an IFTTT routine could be set up, which ensures that Robolinho® responds to the "sunset" event sent by an IFTTT weather service with an end of the day (drives back to the base and stops mowing). You could also set up an IFTTT routine that automatically stops the irrigation system of another IFTTT-compatible manufacturer when Robolinho® is started.

IFTTT is free for end users and connects numerous web services with smart devices on a cloud-based platform. No additional hardware is required, just a Wi-Fi connection. From now on, AL-KO Gardentech will continue to develop its IFTTT Smart Garden Service and gradually integrate additional devices and services.