Introducing the T13-93.8 HD-A Black Edition garden tractor.
New great value lawn tractor added to the range

AL-KO are pleased to announce a new addition to the garden tractor range offering great value for money along with quality German engineering. 

The AL-KO T13 93.8 HD-A Black Edition is powered by a 352cc AL-KO Pro 350 engine with foot hydrostatic transmission making it incredibly easy to drive. The simple layout of the pedals and the controls combined with the comfortable raised seating position ensure a pleasant mowing experience. 

Equipped with a twin blade mower deck which provides a 93cm cutting width and a large 220L grass collector which reduces the amount of times you need to stop to empty, mowing the lawn using the T13 93.8 HD-A can be achieved swiftly and effectively. When the mowing is complete, the mower deck can easily be removed for cleaning and routine maintenance. 

The large wide tyres deliver optimum traction however they are gentle on the lawn to prevent ruts. With a range of optional accessories which include a tow hitch, front bumper, rear deflector and a mulching kit, the T13 93.8 HD-A provides you with the potential to mow in a variety of mowing conditions and to be a highly versatile machine around the garden.

The T13-93.8 HD-A is available from your local AL-KO tractor dealer or via our online shop.

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Optional Accessories. 

Front Bumper – Provides protection to the front of the lawn tractor.

Tow Hitch – Enables the tractor to tow a garden roller or trailer.

Mulching Kit – Eliminates the need to dispose of the grass cuttings as they are retained in the mower deck cut into tiny pieces and dropped into the lawn acting as a natural fertiliser.

Rear Deflector – Ideal for mowing longer grass where collection isn’t required. The cut grass is simply dropped behind the lawn tractor.

Garden Roller – Can be filled with sand or water as required and towed behind the tractor to give your lawn the classic striped finish.