AL-KO Scarfiers
What is scarifying and why should we do it?
Understand how lawnraking and scarifying benefit your lawn.

As we start to approach spring and start to get to work in the garden, people are starting to think about how to achieve healthy green lawn to enjoy during the summer. Scarifying your lawn during the spring is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn as this ensures that the light, nutrients and water can all access the roots of the grass promoting healthy growth.

The scarifying cartridge blades remove the thatch, moss and weeds by scraping the surface of the soil which allows water, air and light to reach the root of the grass more efficiently. This promotes the growth of new grass resulting in a lush green healthy lawn. When you have scarified your lawn, the spaces where thatch, moss and weeds have been removed are ideal areas for sowing new grass seeds. As this is a very intense procedure, lawn scarifying should be carried out when there is no risk of very low temperatures or dry hot conditions as the grass requires time to recover.

The lighter less invasive lawn raking process is where spring tines are used to remove thatch and moss from lawns but without penetrating the soil. Lawn Raking can be carried out at any time provided there has been sufficient growth and as often as once a month.

AL-KO have a range of electric and petrol powered lawn rakers and scarifiers which are perfect to use as a part of your lawn maintenance routine. Both the electric 38E and petrol powered 38P lawn scarifiers are easy to operate with the 38E being ideal for small to medium sized gardens up to 800mand the 38P being suitable for use in large garden lawns up to 1200m2

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