How to choose a new lawn mower
Choosing a new lawn mower
A guide on finding your perfect mower.

As we start to look forward to the new lawn mowing season, you may be starting to think about purchasing a new lawnmower. You would think this is simple, but there are so many different varieties of lawnmower available, it is sometimes difficult to decide which mower would be the best for your garden.

The first thing to decide is what you would like to power your machine. Do you have a smaller lawn where a power cable isn’t an issue or perhaps a battery would be more convenient. If the mowing takes more than an hour and is simply too big for the latter methods a petrol mower may be the best option for you.

The hand mowers are ideal for level lawns which require a low cut. Lawns mown using a hand cylinder mower do need more regular mowing to ensure that the lawn is looking neat and tidy but there is the advantage of not needing to store petrol, have trailing electric cables or to make sure the battery is charged.

Electric mowers are easy to use and maintain whilst they are also quieter than petrol mowers. With no petrol, four stroke engine oil or oil filters to purchase and the cost of maintaining an electric mower is less than the traditional petrol lawnmower. If the mower would need to be carried up and down steps, an electric mower if often lighter than a petrol lawn mower so this may be the best option for you. Electric lawn mowers are suitable for small and medium sized gardens.

Lawn mowers with petrol engines usually produce the most power and are more robust. Petrol lawn mowers are ideal for large lawns and the extra power means that they can cut through longer grass easier than an electric mower. Some petrol mowers can also be started at the turn of a key making them very easy to start. Petrol lawn mowers have the benefit of not being restricted by needing to be near an electric socket or requiring regular charging.

Cordless battery mowers offer the advantages of not having the cost and storage of petrol and oil, no trailing cables and extension leads, they are environmentally friendly and are quiet during use. There are also ranges available where the battery can also be used to power other garden machinery such as hedge cutters and grass trimmers.

Once you have established the preferred power source of the lawn mower, you then need to decide on the width of the mower. It is recommended that the size of your garden lawn determines the mowing width of the lawn mower. Generally, mowers with wider mowing decks have larger grass collectors so will get the job done faster and will require fewer stops to empty the grass cuttings.

Other things to consider when purchasing a new lawn mower is whether you would like to have a mulching option which eliminates the need to empty the grass collector as the grass cuttings are finely chopped and discarded onto the lawn and act as a natural fertiliser. If you have areas of longer grass which need to be cut, then a mower with side discharge would be the most effective as the cut grass is quickly released from the side of mowing deck preventing the mower deck from becoming overfilled. If your garden has slopes then a self-propelled lawnmower would make mowing more comfortable as the mower will drive itself meaning there is no need to push.

The AL-KO lawn mower range contains the perfect mower for all different types of gardens and requirements. The current collection of AL-KO lawnmowers are the result of the development and the designing of innovative garden machinery for over 50 years. They are manufactured using high quality components and the latest technologies available so you can be sure that an AL-KO lawn mower will be mowing lawns for many years to come.

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