Battery and Electric Hedge Trimmers For Effortless Hedge Cutting
For comfortable and accurate trimming.

If you are looking for an efficient electric or battery hedge trimmer be sure to check out the AL-KO range of quality hedge trimmers which are designed to be comfortable to use and leave a quality finish.

On occasions where you need to trim hedges situated away from an electricity power supply, the battery powered hedge trimmers would be the ideal choice. For small hedges, the HT 18V Li would be the perfect tool to use to get your hedges back into shape. Powered by an 18V battery, this perfectly balanced hedge trimmer provides up to 25 minutes of hedge cutting time and is supplied with a battery and charger.

In gardens which have larger or a greater number of hedges, then the HT 36 Li Energy Flex battery hedge trimmer would be the most effective in our battery range. This 36V hedge trimmer battery can provide up to 120 mins of cutting time, a wider 20mm tooth gap and a longer 550mm cutting blade, you will be able to get your hedges back in to shape in no time. The 36V battery would need to be purchased separately and will fit all other machines in the Enegry Flex range such as the lawn mowers and the grass trimmers enabling you to maintain your entire garden with battery powered tools.

Our range of electric hedge trimmers can be operated without having to worry about recharging the battery. AL-KO electric hedge trimmers are available with cutting blade lengths of up to 65cm which are diamond cut for effective cutting whilst the integrated spirit level enables you to achieve a perfectly level finish on the hedge. With hedge cutters designed for maintaining or cutting new growth or more powerful trimmers suitable for cutting back larger woody hedges available, AL-KO can provide you with the best hedge trimmer for the task on hand.

The perfect solution for trimming small shrubs is the GS 7.2 Li Multicutter which has a 16cm cutting blade and is powered by a 7.2V Li-Ion battery. This very light weight shrub cutter can also be used to trim the edges of the lawn and is supplied with a practical grass collector.

View the full range of AL-KO hedge trimmers here.