Who are we?

The AL-KO KOBER Group is an international company with production sites and branch offices all over the world. We operate in the business areas of vehicle technology, air technology and garden & hobby. The AL-KO KOBER Group is one of the world's leading suppliers and our innovative technology is based on pioneering ideas and groundbreaking developments.

Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group plays an essential role in securing the long-term position and expansion of our company. The goals in Purchasing are therefore clear: we are responsible for ensuring the cost-effective provision at high levels of quality for the production facilities of the AL-KO KOBER Group.

The vision of Purchasing is to deliver the maximum contribution possible to the development and manufacture of leading products and to the sustainable increase of the company value.


Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group is responsible for an annual purchasing volume of roughly EUR 350 million. The purchasing volume ranges from small numbers of units in the Air Technology project business through to our seasonal volumes in the Garden + Hobby division and the high figures typical of the sector in the Vehicle Technology series production business division.

In order to be able to cover the spectrum of needs for our global locations, a number of employees look after the procurement of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Our stringent requirements in terms of our partners' cost-effectiveness, quality and supplier reliability are always at the forefront.

Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group is set up as a matrix organisation. Each business division has its own purchasing organisation. As a result, the procurement of needs specific to the business divisions is organised locally at the regional sites. The centralised, Group-wide bundling of needs is undertaken by the company's Strategic Purchasing department so as to be able to realise synergy effects across business divisions.


In order to achieve our company's demanding targets, Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group works together across locations. Local purchasing is managed by Strategic Purchasing. The main approaches here are cooperation across divisions in material group teams and the shared implementation of formulated strategies for the utilisation of synergies and for the creation of transparency within the Group.


Another important theme in Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group is the introduction and implementation of a strategic supplier management system in order to allow sophisticated supplier monitoring and target-based supplier development. We only want to enter into partnerships with suppliers who also place great importance on quality, innovation and performance, so that we can achieve our goals in Purchasing and contribute to the success of our company.


Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group also sees potential in Global Sourcing in order to improve our company's cost-effectiveness even further. Therefore we are very interested in cooperation with long-term partners from Eastern Europe and Asia.


Essentially, the long-term and effective design of Purchasing at the AL-KO KOBER Group is important to us. In the spirit of our motto „Quality for Life“, we follow the approach of only working with the best and most capable suppliers around the world – maybe you could be one of them!