West Pharmaceutical Services, Eschweiler

Project:Eschweiler branch of West Pharmaceutical Services
Owner:Wet Pharmaceutical Services Inc., Lionville, PA (USA)
System installer:Brach & Moll Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH, Schwarzenbruck
Planning office:CS Engineering & Consulting

The global market leader West Pharma expanded its location, and thus its dominant position, in Europe, more specifically in Germany (Eschweiler). The US firm acquired additional properties on the Stolberger Strasse in Eschweiler in order to expand its European headquarters to around 22,000 square metres of office space. The boom in the pharmaceuticals industry doesn't just require larger production facilities and administrative offices, above all it requires the production equipment and the technical building services to be able to manufacture such sensitive products. Consequently, the air handling units for cleanroom air conditioning are designed according to, and comply with, explosion protection requirements.