AL-KO pure air dust extractors

AL-KO pure air extraction systems are available in three different performance classes: as the plug-in mobile extraction and filter system AL-KO POWER UNIT, as the stationary extraction and filter system ECO JET or as the modular, custom-configured extraction system and filter system PROFI JET. AL-KO clean air extraction and filter systems are used for the reliable and energy-efficient extraction of swarf and dust in woodworking operations, from carpentry and joinery to window construction and kitchen building, through to industrial-scale furniture production.


Similarly, the reliable pure air dust extractors have proven themselves in countless businesses in plastics processing – especially in the extraction of plastics in thermoforming manufacturing. AL-KO extraction and filter systems are used around the world to provide extraction in recycling businesses, the paper industry, the food industry,  the  drinks industry and in bottling facilities.