Reliable and mobile: AL-KO COLOUR JET










A high separation rate, long filter service life and high efficiency characterise the AL-KO COLOUR JET mobile, plug-in paint mist extractor.

Technical dataType 1Type 2Type 3Type 4
Nominal motor rating1.5 kW0.75 / 2.1 kW0.75 / 2.1 kW2.2 kW
Motor speed1,410 min-1960 / 1,430 min-1960 / 1,430 min-11,430 min-1
Airflow rate4,600 m³/h3,000 / 6,800 m³/h3,000 / 6,800 m³/h6,800 m³/h
Usable pressure500 Pa400 / 500 Pa400 / 500 Pa500 Pa
Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm1,012 x 1,405 x 9121,012 x 1,405 x 9431,912 x 1,405 x 9431,912 x 1,405 x 943
Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm with open side sections1,897 x 1,405 x 1,1351,897 x 1,405 x 1,1662,971 x 1,405 x 1,2152,971 x 1,405 x 1,215
Filter area1 m²1 m²2 m²2 m²
Weight175 kg176 kg248 kg248 kg

Whether additives, pigments or solvents, paint contains harmful components. Which is why extraction is essential at painting workstations. AL-KO has developed the AL-KO COLOUR JET for this very purpose. It is characterised by extremely efficient air purification and much more besides. Since the AL-KO COLOUR JET is mobile, it can be used in different places in the workshop.


The AL-KO COLOUR JET paint mist extractor is used to extract toxic mist in the workshop. The AL-KO COLOUR JET is therefore ideal for paint extraction in timber-processing operations, in carpenters' and joiners' workshops and in the craft sector in general. The AL-KO COLOUR JET is a fold-out paint mist extraction system.


AL-KO COLOUR JET is delivered as a plug-in paint mist extraction system. The AL-KO COLOUR JET paint mist extraction system is available in four extraction performance grades. As a manufacturer and exporter of extraction systems, AL-KO delivers the AL-KO COLOUR JET paint mist extraction system for toxic workstations throughout the world.