Peguform, Oldenburg

Project:Peguform Automotive Components
Owner:Peguform GmbH, Oldenburg
System installer:Duerr Systems GmbH, Stuttgart
Technical planner:Joint planning between client and AL-KO

Peguform has made a name for itself as a „just-in-time“ supplier for the automotive industry and produces bumpers and front-end modules, for example, with great expertise. Peguform is the market leader for bumpers in Germany and Spain. The company is also the market leader in the plastic bodywork segment (such as side skirts, wings, rear spoilers). Besides exterior parts, the company also produces interior parts. Peguform has steadily built up its market position to where it is today and has production and development sites in Göttingen and Neustadt, as well as Oldenburg. Projects also focus on Latin American countries as well as Spain and Portugal.