Panoramablick leisure pool

Project:Panoramablick leisure pool
Owner:Special purpose association Mittelpunktschwimmbad Dietzhölztal, Eschenburg
System installer:Hüsch GmbH, Gebhardshain im Westerwald
Technical planner:Ing. Büro Assmann, Haiger

Panoramablick leisure pool, Eschweiler

The Panoramabad in Eschweiler has a multi-purpose pool (25 m x 12.5 m) with artificial wave pool. In addition, a 60 m long water slide leads into the landing pool. The Panoramabad also has an adventure pool (12.5 m x 6.60 m), a hot water pool and a paddling pool for small children. Due to the high humidity levels in indoor swimming pools, ventilation and dehumidification are always necessary. But even here there are differences in the design. With swimming pool ventilation units from AL-KO, energy-efficient operation is guaranteed. The building structure supports the mechanical ventilation and creates the best climate for bathers.