Medtronic, Meerbusch

Project:Administrative headquarters for Medtronic GmbH
Owner:Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis, MN (USA)
System installer:Strompen Klimatechnik GmbH, Mönchengladbach
Technical planner:Ing.-Büro Klaus Fischer, Krefeld

Medtronic, one of the leading medical technology manufacturers in the world (headquarters: Minneapolis, USA, 37,000 employees worldwide), moved its administrative headquarters for Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Dusseldorf to Meerbusch. In autumn 2008, the company moved into its new office building, with space for around 210 employees, in the Mollsfeld business park. Excellent transport connections and attractive architecture, coupled with water features and green spaces, form a symbiosis in the business park that entices demanding companies. The owner of the three-storey office building is DIL Deutsche Baumanagement GmbH. The ventilation and air conditioning technology was adapted to the production of clinical products.