Klim@Soft Download

Note: Please close the current Klim@Soft, before you start with the new installation.

Klim@Soft Download

How to get the login data?

You need your personal login data to use Klim@Soft. Please send your request for the login data with your contact data to the following mail address: klimatechnikportal@al-ko.de We will inform you about your login data after clearance. For all further questions you can also contact the phone number +49 8225 / 39-2270.

Password rules

For a valid password in Klim@Soft you have to follow these rules:

  1. The password has to contain letters and numbers.
  2. The password has to be longer than 8 characters.
  3. The password may not contain your login.
  4. The password has to contain at least one letter.
  5. The password has to contain at least one number. This number is not allowed at the first or the last position.


  1. Select the latest Klim@Soft release and start the download by pressing the button "Download jetzt starten".
  2. Safe this download file to your current Klim@Soft program directory (i.e. c:\Program Files\KlimaSoft, possibly you have to create this directory first).
  3. Close your local Klim@Soft application.
  4. Start installation by a double click to KlimaSoft_Version_x_x_x.exe
  5. Check the target directory of the installation routine
  6. Say "Alle" to the question to overwrite all old data files.
  7. After this step, all needed files will be installed in the selected directory.

Remark: If you start Klim@Soft for the first time on your computer, all needed settings will be done automatically.

Klim@Soft Download