ERP made easy: AL-KO ventilation and air-conditioning units for ebmpapst RadiPac fans

AL-KO with RadiPac fans from ebmpapst

  • 8% more efficient, 3dB (A) quieter
  • Well over 90% motor efficiency
  • Lighter and at the same time more stable fan blades
  • Significantly improved air flow
  • Every model size available from ebmpapst - available immediately from AL-KO

AL-KO has now introduced the new RadiPAC radial fans from ebmpapst:

  • Perfect on the impeller with its aerodynamically optimised blade channel-matching inlet nozzles.
  • Flow technology-optimised positioning of the motor in the impeller.
  • Impellers with new aluminium hollow-profile blades for greater efficiency.
  • Further-minimised pressure losses at the inlet.
  • Improved exhaust flow behaviour, even at the impeller outlet air is directed into the main direction of the air conditioning unit's flow.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.