ATEASY® and ATFLEX® – the quality components and functional units

ATEASY®  and ATFLEX® are available with components and functional units from AL-KO certified manufacturers, whose products are precisely tested by AL-KO on every delivery. Unlike other providers, AL-KO supplies you with its own products in many sectors and equips the  ATEASY®  and ATFLEX®  systems with components and functional units from different manufacturers and performance classes. As a result, you receive an air conditioning and ventilation unit that is precisely tailored to your needs. (Image shows AL-KO POOL AIR configuration)



  • Free-wheeling wheels combined with highly efficient three-phase motors for excellent overall efficiency.
  • EC fans with IE4 permanent magnet motors with frequency inverter for  the best overall efficiency and low, predictable total power consumption.
  • Housing fans on request. Belt-driven radial fans, tool-free belt tensioning, forwards or backwards curved blades.





  • Freely programmable controller
  • Highly flexible hardware and software
  • International usability (up to 10 languages)
  • Computer-based programming and service tools
  • Open communications and integration





  • Optionally in air tightness class 2 or class 4 "airtight" according to EN 1751
  • Opposed, torsion-resistant blades with special sealing lips. Frame made of galvanised steel plate
  • Optional: powder-coated, aluminium or stainless steel
  • Driven by cog wheels or rods
  • Choice of external mounting or integration into the housing





  • Cooling systems that can be adjusted continuously or to different settings
  • Completely piped and wired in the factory
  • Cooling alternatively with R 407C or R 410A
  • Option: external condenser
  • Heat pump switchover





  • Rotary heat exchanger with 90% efficiency Storage mass made of alternating smooth and corrugated aluminium foil Separation from rotor diameter 2,500 mm
  • Diagonal plate heat exchanger with 80% efficiency made of corrosion-resistant aluminium. Stainless steel condensate drip tray, polypropylene plastic eliminator





  • Heater or cooler at different performance levels and combinations of material
  • Eliminator for residual water after dehumidifying processes
  • Can easily be extracted from the housing for maintenance and care
  • Independently tested and certified performance data






  • Vertically arranged mineral fibreboard panels, mounted in the housing via angular rails
  • Glass silk surface, abrasion-proof up to a flow velocity of 20 m/s
  • Aerodynamic and low-turbulence frame to reduce
    pressure losses
  • Option: extendible from the side





  • Circuit compound system with more than 80% efficiency of heat recovery
  • Can demonstrably be cleaned down to the core
  • Piping unit for connection of supply and exhaust air heat exchanger, integrated into the unit or mounted externally (optional)
  • Feeding heat and cooling energy into the heat recovery hydraulic system
  • Option: integrated dehumidification and humidification
  • Option: Hydraulic pump with control valves, field devices and control system.
    Optionally with integrated infeed of heat and cooling as well as
    Optionally with integrated infeed of heat and cooling as well as adiabatic cooling.





  • Choice of galvanised, powder-coated or stainless steel filter frames
  • Filter seat with classic tension spring technology
  • Option: AL-KO filter quick release devices
  • Bag filter in Euro mounting frame with nylon spacers between the filter bags (medium filter M5-M6 and fine particle filter M5 to F9)
  • Fine particle filter cartridge as V-cell filter (fine particle filter M5 to F9)
  • Flat filter/panel filter in Euro mounting frame (coarse dust filter G4, medium filter M5)
  • HEPA filter (filter class R - E10-12 - S - H13)
  • Activated carbon filter, mounted leak-free (A20 or A26)
  • Activated carbon filter cartridge with quick release device
  • Grease filter G3 made of galvanised wire mesh