ATEASY® and ATFLEX® - certificates and areas of application


AL-KO air conditioning units are certified to all major European and international standards. Of course, you can test your new air conditioning and ventilation unit before delivery in a factory acceptance test on the TÜV monitored test bench.


Independently tested and certified hygiene

The AL-KO AT4-F construction kit meets the hygiene provisions for the medical environment and has been tested and certified to

  • VDI 6022-1
  • DIN 1946-4
  • ÖNORM H 6022
  • ÖNORM H 6021
  • SWKI VA 104-01
  • SWKI VA 105-01




Documented energy efficiency:

Class A+ of the AT4-F construction kit complies with the best energy efficiency class (T2/TB2)





Certified housing quality

The housings from the AT4-F construction kit have been tested to

EN (DIN) 1886

for leakage and thermal properties. AT4-F passed all tests as part of the T2/TB2 standard with flying colours.