AL-KO raw air dust extractors - robust, reliable and efficient

Renowned companies from different sectors – from the metal, plastics and carbon processing industry to bottling plants and food and feedstuffs production – are counting on AL-KO for extraction. The proverbial reliability, the optimal cost-effectiveness and the outstanding extraction performance are features of the AAS and MOBIL raw air dust extractors from AL-KO, which are available in all performance classes.



AL-KO raw air dust extractors

The MOBIL range of AL-KO raw air dust extractors (mobile raw air dust extractors) and the AAS range (stationary raw air dust extractors) are characterised by their design as sturdy raw air dust extractors. AL-KO MOBIL and AL-KO AAS are raw air dust extractors for the reliable extraction of dust and swarf. AL-KO MOBIL and AL-KO AAS are extractors for plastics processing, metal engineering, for the food industry and for bulk solids handling.


AL-KO MOBIL and AL-KO AAS raw air dust extractors are energy-saving extraction solutions. As the manufacturer and exporter of raw air dust extractors, AL-KO delivers the MOBIL and AAS models throughout the world. They are primarily intended for dust extraction in the plastics industry, food production as well as bulk solids handling and in bottling facilities.