The air steriliser

  • Patented plasma technology eliminates harmful substances instead of just filtering them out.

  • Sterilises the air by removing viruses, bacteria and allergens, and eradicates fine dust. Recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

  • Eliminates > 99.98 % of harmful emissions (VOCs e.g. from furniture, construction materials, paints). Reduces odours and ozone concentration in the spatial air. Does not release ozone.

  • Whisper-quiet operation, intuitive to operate, and perfect for rooms up to 60 m²

  • Design by BUSSE Design

Viruses, bacteria and allergens reduce our well-being. Fine dust, ozone, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) damage our health. AL-KO PURE sterilises room air and eliminates harmful substances. With AL-KO PURE, protect yourself and others from infections, concentrate properly during the day, and enjoy well-deserved sleep at night. AL-KO PURE is whisper-quiet, easy to use, and boasts a stylish design that perfectly matches your ambience.

At home, in the surgery, and in the office
AL-KO PURE removes germs and VOCs from your air

Doctor’s surgery - sterilised air for staff and patients

  • Waiting room: removes viruses, bacteria, spores and allergens from the room air.
  • Treatment rooms: eliminates VOCs and reduces odours.
  • Staff areas: reduces air pollution for the surgery team.

Office - for the well-being of your employees

  • Season for coughs and colds: eliminates viruses and filters bacteria from the air.
  • Pollen season: filters and eliminates pollen and spores.
  • Summer: reduces the level of ozone in the air.
  • Meal times: removes unwanted odours from the air.

At home - at last, breathe in pure air and get a good night’s sleep

  • Allergies: filters and eliminates pollen, spores and household dust.
  • Asthma: eliminates the fine dust that can trigger asthma attacks.
  • New furnishings: eliminates the toxic vapours from furniture, home textiles, paints and varnishes (VOCs).
  • Cold weather: eliminates viruses and filters bacteria from the air.
  • Healthy sleep: sterilises the room air while being no louder than rustling leaves.

Fitness/Wellness - as if you were training in the great outdoors

  • Well-being: sterilises viruses, bacteria, pollen and allergens in the air.
  • Fitness: consistently reduces ozone in the air without releasing ozone.
  • Breathe deeply: consistently reduces odours in the air.



Eliminates harmful substances
instead of just filtering them

Only AL-KO PURE cleans and sterilises your room air with its patented AL-KO plasma technology - in addition to the four filter stages.

AL-KO PURE draws in the room air at the bottom. An F7 prefilter removes coarse particles such as pollen, animal hair, and dust. The AL-KO plasma eliminates viruses, small bacteria and dust mite particles just as reliably as it removes fine dust and the toxic vapours from furniture, paints and construction materials (VOCs). The downstream three-way cartridge lowers the level of ozone in the air, and reduces odours in the room.

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No more fear of harmful substances
in the air


AL-KO PURE eliminates ozone originating from laser printers and copiers or caused by certain weather conditions. Because ozone is toxic, corrosive, slightly flammable and belongs in the atmosphere, not in our living spaces.



Viruses and bacteria

AL-KO PURE eliminates and filters viruses and bacteria from the air flowing through it. Even viruses and bacteria small enough to pass through a filter are reliably eliminated by the patented plasma.




AL-KO PURE reduces odours in the air. Read more about cigarette smoke here.




AL-KO PURE filters and eliminates all pollen from the air drawn in from the room by the AL-KO PURE unit with its trademark whisper-quiet fan.



Dust and fine dust

AL-KO PURE doesn’t just retain the dust in the prefilter. AL-KO PURE filters and eliminates dust mites and their allergens, i.e. eggs, faeces and particles of dead mites. The patented plasma also eliminates carcinogenic fine dust.



VOCs in the children’s room


Volatile organic compounds originate from cleaning agents, paint and varnish, furniture, and textiles. They aggravate allergies and asthma. AL-KO PURE eliminates VOCs.



Breathe deeply - at the tap of a finger.

Using the beautifully designed display of your AL-KO PURE is entirely intuitive: A tap of the finger on the colour, brightness or fan button, then the plus or minus button to adjust the desired function. Use the standard test button to activate the air sensor and to switch to automatic air sterilisation mode. The 99-hour timer lets you decide exactly how long you want to sterilise the air.


AL-KO PURE - You’ve earned it

AL-KO PURE isn’t just a statement about your health awareness. AL-KO PURE is also a statement of your good taste. The display on your AL-KO PURE shows visual class and is intuitive to use. All it takes is a tap of the finger to adjust the colour, change the fan speed, use the timer or activate the built-in sensor that measures the air quality.

Designed by:

Elegant or colourful
how are you feeling today?

Subtle or bright and colourful. Have the AL-KO PURE illuminated in your favourite colour. Brighten up dull days with a tap of the finger. Colours can be selected freely and are continuously variable. There are ten memory slots for your favourite colours. Of course, AL-KO PURE continues to sterilise your room air even when the light is off.

A visual pleasure
a tactile dream

Slide your hand over the high-quality shell. The monocoque shell of your AL-KO PURE is both a visual pleasure and a tactile dream. Adjust the built-in lighting halo – subtle or maybe flamboyant? Whatever you want. You’ve earned it.

Every day you are exposed to an
unnecessary risk

But the remedy is quite simple: The AL-KO PURE air steriliser. If you have any questions about AL-KO PURE, please contact us at:



„We have been developing and designing innovative products for the widest variety of requirements and sectors for more than 80 years. Naturally, we focus on ensuring the highest quality for our equipment in accordance with our vision, „Quality for Life“. As Chairman of the Board and grandson of the founder of the company, it is of utmost importance to me that you are satisfied with your AL-KO product.“ 

Stefan Kober, Chairman of the Board