AL-KO ATEASY® and ATFLEX® – the difference is in the air

  • T2/TB2 in all configurations
  • Particularly energy-efficient components
  • Sturdy construction to international standards and guidelines
  • Meets the most stringent hygienic standards
  • Solid AL-KO quality

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ATEASY is the modular variant for flow rates between 1,000 and 25,000 m³/h, where you can choose from a catalogue of thousands of components. Furthermore, ATFLEX offers individual configurations for flow rates between 1,000 and 100,000 m³/h.

AL-KO ATEASY® and ATFLEX® for ambient air conditioning

The energy-efficient units from AL-KO for air conditioning and ventilation of office buildings, exhibition halls, hotels, shopping centres and all other premises in which people should feel comfortable.

Ambient air conditioning references




AL-KO ATFLEX® for medical and pharmaceutical

The right process air: The hygiene units from the AL-KO ATFLEX® series ensure the correct air in sensitive industries and, thanks to their hygienically optimised design, are quick and easy to clean.

Medical and pharmaceutical references




AL-KO ATFLEX® for production

The right process air for industrial requirements: The industrial units from the AL-KO ATFLEX® construction kit ensure the optimal process temperature and reduce production costs thanks to their energy-efficiency and sturdy construction.

Production references






Whether as a central ventilation unit for public buildings, as an air handling unit for offices and hotels or for air handling in production and as an AHU for process air – AL-KO ATEASY and AL-KO ATFLEX are the right choice. AL-KO has been active as a reliable partner in the field of building services equipment with air conditioning and ventilation technology for decades. As a producer of air handling units and an exporter of central ventilation units, AL-KO provides this experience in the ATEASY and ATFLEX model series. These are available as an AHU with ATEX design for pharmaceutical, chemical and medical applications such as operating theatres.


ATEASY and ATFLEX have been successfully tested in accordance with VDI 6022, RU 01 and DIN 1946. They are available both as modular, customised air conditioning units and as large-scale air handling units. The ATEASY and ATFLEX are perfect for providing air conditioning and ventilation for hotels, exhibition halls, office buildings, hospitals and on ships. ATFLEX creates the right process air in the automotive industry, in the cleanroom, in production, in the hospital.