The beginning of spring usually means that the garden starts to  awaken from hibernation with the days and nights are getting warmer and the first flowers are starting to present themselves. If you want to have an attractive garden to enjoy in the summer, particularly a nice healthy green lawn, you should start to think about the correct lawn care. We've put together a few tips to help you improve overall look and health of your lawn. 

Planning steps for a healthy lawn:

1. Prepare the lawn:

The first step would be to ensure that the lawn is clear of debris. By simply removing small branches and leaves from the lawn, it can then dry well which prevents fungal problems on your lawn. We recommend using a rake which also straightens the flattened blades of grass and also removes loose material between the grass.


2. Mow the lawn:

As soon as the soil temperature exceeds a minimum of 7 ° C or 8 ° C, the grass starts to grow. At this point you should mow the lawn but it is important that you do not mow the grass too short. The ideal length should be about 4cm remembering to only cut a maximum 1/3 of the length of the grass at one time. This keeps the lawn strong and ensures the blades of grass still contain enough moisture to drive growth.


3. Fertilise the lawn:

One week before you start the fourth step which will be scarifying the lawn, you should apply lawn fertisiiser. The ideal time for this is towards the end of March or beginning of April. We would advise you to fertilise the lawn on a cloudy day with rain expected so the nutrients of the fertiliser can seep into the soil down to the grass roots more effectively. When fertilising, it is important that you distribute the fertiliser evenly and do not over-fertilise the lawn, as this can be harmful to the grass.


4. Scarify:

Through the winter your lawn can build up a layer moss and thatch. Scarifying is the process used to remove lawn thatch, moss and plant remains which actively promotes the ventilation of your lawn and soil. For optimal results,  we recommend scarifying first in transverse, then in longitudinal direction. We have a range of battery, electric and petrol scarifiers available in our online shop.


5. Seeding the Lawn:

If your lawn has patches without any grass growth that are larger than an A5 sheet of paper, you should re seed these locations. The grass seed is best pressed with a garden roller after spreading. Freshly sown areas should be avoided until the grass has grown and the patch is no longer visible..


6. Water the lawn:

After your lawn has been mown, fertilised, scarified and freshly sown in bare areas, you should water the grass. It is important to do this so that nutrients are evenly distributed on the surface of the lawn, enabling the grass recover faster from the harsh scarifying process.


7. Regular mowing:

In order to maintain a beautiful and dense lawn, we recommend you to mow the grass regularly. Particularly in the spring, when the lawn grows quickly, we recommend using the lawn mower and trimmer every 1 to 2 weeks, possibly even more regularly if the grass growth is particularly fast. Robotic lawnmowers can take care of this work automatically  meaning you do not need to make time to mow the lawn. Our lawn mower advisor will give you an overview of the different models of AL-KO mowers and will help you to find which lawnmower will be most suitable for your needs.


Our recommendations for suitable gardening tools.

For your scarifying work, we have three machines available. Our AL-KO Combi Care 38 P petrol scarifier which is supplied with a collector box and is particularly suitable for larger areas as there are no restrictions which can be caused by lack of electricity outlets or requiring the recharging of batteries. For smaller lawns, our AL-KO SF 4036 cordless scarifier is ideal. For small to medium sized lawns and if you prefer to have the convenience of an electric powered scarifier,  we recommend the AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort.

We can also give you some tips in the "Mowing the lawn" section. If you do not want to mow yourself and would rather use this time to do something else, then a robotic lawnmower would be ideal for you. Our Robolinho robotic mowers are available in various sizes and leave a perfect finish on your lawn. They are also very quiet so can even mow during the night leaving you to enjoy the lawn through the day.