AL-KO MT 36 Li included in 'Autumn tidy-up' article.

The AL-KO MT 36 Li was recently included in an ‘Autumn tidy-up’ feature by The Telegraph with the focus being on battery powered gardening tools. The article explains that purchasing a multi tool saves on storage space as there is only one “engine” and you can choose the attachments to suit your garden and requirements.

An AL-KO battery powered multi-tool gives you complete flexibility in the garden. The main body of the unit can be fitted with one of the four available attachments meaning you have one tool which can carry out a wide range of garden maintenance tasks.

Perfect for ensuring a neat and tidy finish on the edge of the lawn, the GTA 36 Li Grass Trimmer attachment features an automatic nylon line head, ideal for trimming grass where the lawn mower can’t such as around obstacles and flowerbeds in the garden. The plant protection bar fitted to the front of the attachment not only protects against accidental cutting of plants and flowers but also prevents unnecessary line wear during work against walls and fences.

The BCA 36 Li Brushcutter attachment is supplied with a metal blade which can be used to tackle the thicker grass, weeds or brambles whilst the nylon line cutter head can be used to clear rocky areas or be used for lighter grass trimming tasks around the garden.

The HTA 36 Li hedge trimmer attachment fits to the MT 36 Li multi tool and enables you to safely and effectively maintain hedges up to 3.5m in height without the need to use a ladder. The laser cut 45cm long hedge trimmer blade allows the trimming work to be completed efficiently and guarantees a perfect finish.

For pruning trees back into shape, the CSA 36 Li pruner operates in the same way as a chainsaw with a 20cm cutting bar capable of cutting through branches up to 4 inches thick. The included extension enables a working height of up to 4m whilst the Oregon guide bar and saw chain provide optimum cutting performance. Included with the CSA 36 Li attachment is a shoulder strap which increases user comfort.

The MT 36 Li is powered by a 36V / 4Ah Energy Flex battery which provides impressive power and uses the latest lithium-ion technologies available meaning there is no self-discharge or memory effect. With a short recharging time of just 90 minutes and a running time of up to 120 minutes depending on the tool in operation, the Energy Flex range of machinery is perfect for homeowners who do not want the hassle of purchasing fuel or ensuring an electric power socket is available in the working area.

Following the test in rugged terrain, The Telegraph recommend the AL-KO MT 36 Li Multi-Tool for use in medium and large gardens.

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