As we start to approach the holiday season, many of us will be jetting off for a well-earned rest. Before we leave, it is common for people to ask a neighbour to look after their pets or water the plants but asking them to mow the lawn does not happen so regularly. The garden lawn is often left to grow and on your return from a stress-free holiday, you are immediately greeted with an over grown lawn which needs to be cut.

AL-KO Robotic lawn mowers are the perfect solution and will care for your lawn whilst you are away ensuring you return to a beautifully tended lawn. AL-KO German engineered automatic mowers are suitable for lawns up to 2000 m2 so you can be sure to find the ideal robot mower to suit your garden.

Installing the Robolinho automatic lawn mower is achieved in a few simple steps. The area which requires mowing is marked out using the supplied boundary cable, programme the times you would like the robot to mow and then you have fully autonomous lawncare.

When the Robolinho is running low on battery, it will automatically make its own way back to the base station to recharge. Once recharged and if it is within the programmed mowing times, the Robolinho will make its way off the base station to continue mowing the lawn.

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