Keep your lawn healthy the natural way.

If you would rather not have the hassle of collecting and disposing grass cuttings, then a lawn mower with a mulching function is what you need.

The mulching function on a lawn mower is activated by simply inserting a mulch plug into the discharge chute which prevents the cut grass from leaving the mower deck and entering the grass collector. This results in the cuttings being circulated within the deck and cut up into very fine pieces. These are then dropped around the roots of the grass and quickly decompose releasing nitrogen and other essential nutrients into the soil. These nutrients help to develop a healthy green lawn without having to use costly artificial fertilisers. The moisture retention levels of the lawn also increase when you mulch your lawn rather than collect the grass cuttings meaning that the lawn does not require watering as often. Mulching can also enable you to mow the lawn up to 30% quicker as there is no need to stop to empty the grass collector.

When mulch mowing, it is important that a maximum of one third of the grass length is cut at a time. If too much grass is cut in one go, you will not get the best results and may end up with some visible un-mulched blades of grass discarded on the lawn.

AL-KO offer a large range of German engineered petrol lawn mowers with mulching functions and high quality dedicated mulch mowers which provide the optimum mulching performance due to their specially designed decks and blades.

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