The AL-KO business unit Vehicle Technology of AL-KO KOBER SE resident in Kötz near Augsburg and axle manufacturer Dexter Axle from Elkhart, Indiana (USA), are being merged under the roof of the future „DexKo Global Inc.“. The transition is scheduled for 01.01.2016. AL-KO Kober SE shall contribute to DexKo its business unit Vehicle Technology and shall receive in return shares in the new company.

After the merger the new company shall constitute in its specific market segment the largest axle manufacturer in the world with an annual turnover of around 850 Mio Euros. AL-KO VehicleTechnology shall continue to control the European and non-American business from its headquarters in Kötz while Dexter Axle will manage the North-American business from Elkhart.

Kevin Garland, Chairman of the Board of DexKo Global Inc.: „In this alliance the two outstanding companies shall constitute the world´s largest manufacturer of trailer products and technology. We have set ourselves the target to surpass with DexKo the 1 billion Euro turnover mark. The individual strengths of Dexter and AL-KO shall be combined in DexKo.“ Throughout the world the global sales and service networks shall be increasingly closely and intensively meshed. Both partners shall benefit from mutual technology transfer and thus acquire additional know-how. The trademarks Dexter and AL-KO shall be maintained as such and shall be able to offer in future even more its individual expertise in the respective core markets. AL-KO´s wide-range product portfolio enhances and optimizes Dexter´spresent program in the North American market. With the AL-KO brand DexKo Global Inc. has the most effective partner in Europe at its side and shall be able to increase strategic investments with its access to the North American financial market. With Fred Bentley an internationally experienced manager who knows the industry shall lead DexKO Global Inc. as Chairman of the Board.

Stefan Kober, CEO of AL-KO KOBER SE and future Vice Chairman of the Board of DexKo Global Inc.: „AL-KOKOBER SE with its shares in DexKo Global Inc. and with the two other business units „Garden and Hobby“ as well as „Air Technology“ shall extend its decisive role in the global markets and shall expand its successful achievements of the recent years.“

The proven management of AL-KO Vehicle Technology will continue its excellent work. Dr. Nico Reiner shall act as CFO and thus shall take responsibility for finances. COO Harald Hiller who has contributed substantially for the last 20 years to the success of AL-KO as manager of the Vehicle Technology business unit shall take charge of the operative business.

With strong partners into the future (from left): Fred Bentley, Stefan Kober, Harald Hiller and Dr. Nico Reiner.