Lawncare Equipment
Robotic Lawnmowers
  • Lawn is always neat and tidy
  • No grass cuttings to dispose of
  • Low maintenance battery motor
  • Quiet operation for night mowing
Lawn Tractors
  • Mow large lawns quickly
  • Quality German engineering
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton engines.
  • Range of accessories available
Petrol Lawnmowers
  • Ideal for larger lawns
  • Very powerful engines
  • Power-saving thanks to the wheel drive
  • Easy to start thanks to AL-KO Instart technology
Electric Lawnmowers
  • For small and medium lawns
  • Particularly uniform cutting pattern
  • Low noise
  • Very low maintenance
Battery Lawnmowers
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Manoeuvrable with excellent cutting pattern
  • Flexible to use
  • Low noise & wireless
Hand Lawnmowers
  • Very short cutting - ideal for flat lawns
  • Real cutting instead of "hitting"
  • Particularly environmentally friendly
  • Low Maintenance
Scythe Mowers
  • For use at home & in agriculture
  • Very large cutting width
  • Snow Plow Attachment available
  • Thanks to wheel drive easy to operate
Electric Grass Trimmers
  • Cut lawn edges accurately
  • Quiet electric motors
  • Ergonomic thanks to low weight
  • Easy handling
Battery Grass Trimmers
  • Particularly precise trimming
  • Very flexible working
  • Optimal operation with telescopic aluminum shaft
  • Very agile
Combi Tool
  • Mowing, plowing, sweeping or milling
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Forward and reverse
  • Wide range of accessories for lawn mowing
  • Numerous attachments, e.g. Drive wheels, plows, garden rollers and Oils
Battery Tools
  • 36 V Li-Ion battery suitable for all devices of the EnergyFlex family
  • Innovative, environmentally friendly and clean

Tips & Instructions

Why an AL-KO?

There are many reasons for lawn mowing with AL-KO. Depending on the model, our products offer you various advantages:

  • | Made in Germany
  • | 4in1-Function
  • | Instart-Technology
  • | Comfortable and effortless

The Correct Mower

The following questions will help you to choose the right lawnmower for you

  • I How long do you want to mow the lawn for?
    It is recommended to choose a smaller or larger mower depending on the size of the area to be mown. The cutting width is decisive for the cutting time. In general, the larger the cutting width, the faster you mow. You can even sit back comfortably with a robotic mower.

  • I Would you like mulching or side discharge?
    All AL-KO 3INONE petrol lawnmowers are supplied with a mulch plug as standard, whilst the 4INONE function mowers provide the additional side discharge capability.

  • I What size is your garden?
    There are three different categories which determine the size of your lawn
    • - Small garden up to 400 sqm: For a small garden, we recommend a walk-behind mower They are available with electric motors or petrol engines and these mowers are particularly light and manoeuvrable.
    • - Medium gardens up to 1000 sqm: If your garden has a larger lawn then we advise you to consider a wider lawnmower. If your garden also has slight slopes, mowers with wheel drive enable comfortable mowing. You could also use a robotic lawnmower which will do all the work for you!
    • - Large gardens over 1000 sqm: Do you have a large lawn with flower beds, trees and shrubs in your garden? Do you have slopes and areas with long grass? Then a mower with a wheel drive and VarioSpeed would be perfect. You could also consider a ride-on mower, lawn tractor or even a robotic lawn mower.

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Purchase Advice

If you have further questions about purchasing an AL-KO product, you can call our customer service team on 01963 828055 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:30. Please contact us via e-mail outside of these times and we will contact you the next working day:

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