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Applications for gas springs: Caravan and Vehicle Technology
Moving valves comfortably and safely is also important when it comes to caravans and vehicle technology. AL-KO specialises in vehicle technology and provides gas springs suitable for wide range of applications in this field. Find out how gas springs can improve the comfort and safety of your caravans.

Typical applications:

  • Storage compartments
  • Beds
  • Windows and hatches
  • Hoods, e.g. roof hoods

Everything you need for a good camping trip. You have a huge number of things that need to be securely stowed in a tiny space. That's why caravans and mobile homes have so many space-saving storage compartments. Most of these are fitted with flaps, which gas springs are perfect for moving. These power assisted solutions make it easy to open flaps and close them securely, keeping everything safely stowed during your drive - even if you have to brake hard in an emergency.

Gas springs are used in beds to fold up and lock the bed and foot sections in position. They let you sleep easy and give you easy access to the bed frame for storage.

Gas springs are also frequently used to open windows and hatches easily and close them tight. This is especially important when driving over rough terrain. It's important that windows and hatches don't open by mistake.

You can also use gas springs to move roof hoods in a controlled and power assisted fashion. They are now used as standard for this purpose.

Gas springs make the following possible:

  • easy, power assisted opening
  • secure locking
  • smooth closing
  • and a reliable seal for flaps of all kinds.