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Applications for gas springs: Industry and engineering
AL-KO gas springs make it possible and easy to open, close and lock an enormous range of valves. Due to their design, they even fit into complicated installation spaces. This makes gas springs suitable for an enormous range of applications. Here is an overview of how you can use gas springs for engineering and industrial purposes.

Typical applications:

  • Maintenance valves
  • Safety valves
  • Hoods

Gas springs are frequently used in maintenance valves. During maintenance work it is necessary for valves to reliably remain open, so that machines, etc. can be safely maintained. AL-KO gas springs are perfectly suited for the job. Attaching a support tube makes maintenance even safer, because it locks in a certain position and keeps the valve open. This keeps operating personnel and machines completely safe. The same applies to hoods, which currently play a large role in the sectors mentioned here. They need to be easy to open and should close in a controlled fashion. Gas springs are usually used for this purpose.

Gas springs make the following possible:

  • easy opening
  • secure locking
  • smooth closing
  • and reliable valve seals.