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Outstanding inventive talent at ALOIS KOBER
ALOIS KOBER GmbH from Kötz in Bavaria is awarded the Top 100 seal of approval and congratulated by the project's mentor, Lothar Späth.

Kötz – Only creative companies with vision and a feeling for new ideas make it into the ranks of the top one hundred most innovative SMEs. ALOIS KOBER was among them in 2011, and was presented with the

Top 100 award

by Lothar Späth in the Baltic resort of Warnemünde.

The company boasts a particularly innovative culture and it is constantly refining its innovation processes with the help of all 790 of its employees. Everyone is able to contribute their own suggestions. The staff who belong to its special innovation teams are freed up from their usual jobs and take on entirely different roles in pursuit of the firm's innovation strategy. This could include supporting the concept through different phases. Among other things, this strategy has made the company the global technology leader in chassis for caravans, motor homes and trailers. Another team ensures that products and processes are constantly reviewed and improved. It acts as a 'watchdog' to ensure that the company adheres rigorously to its innovation strategy.

The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration scrutinised the innovative capabilities of 272 small and medium-sized German firms over a period of several months. The 100 best companies – ALOIS KOBER among them – bear the Top 100 seal of approval for one year. "We are passionate about our business, and we want to be among the best. We are very proud to have been awarded this prize, and it shows us that our constant investment in the development of new products and in the training and development of our staff has put us on the right track", said managing director Harald Kober.

The 100 SMEs who were awarded the seal of approval in 2011 generated total revenue of €11.2 billion last year. In 2010 alone, 769 German and 1,865 international patents were registered. Forty-eight of the one hundred companies are top in their respective sector in Germany, and 19 are actually global market leaders. In the past three years, 88 of the 100 award-winning firms grew faster than the average for their respective sector – by an average of around 16 per cent.

Further information on ALOIS KOBER, the other 99 prize-winning firms and the Top 100 project can be found at

From left: Harald Hiller (President Vehicle Technology Europe and Managing Director ALOIS KOBER GmbH), Lothar Späth (Mentor, TOP 100) and Harald Kober (Member of the Board, AL-KO KOBER AG) at this year’s ceremony of the TOP 100 Award in the Baltic resort of Warnemuende.

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