Tailored gas springs

Tailored gas springs
We will work with you at the start of every project to determine what properties your gas springs need to meet your requirements. Our considerable experience in the field allows us to make your wishes a reality and produce one-off designs to production standard.

All-in-one solutions:

  • We develop all-in-one solutions to suit your specific needs
  • We supply gas springs ready for installation with tailored mounting components and fittings

Specialised damping elements based on gas spring technology:

  • Suspension parts
  • Friction dampers

Gas springs - designed to meet your specific requirements:

  • printed with the name of your company
  • available in a range of colours

Optimum corrosion resistance:

  • Specially produced for use under extreme challenging conditions, for example in sand, salt, dust, etc.
  • Salt spray tested to guarantee the best possible corrosion resistance