Supplier Award 2011

AL-KO Supplier of the Year 2011
The AL-KO KOBER Group honored its best suppliers with the "AL-KO Supplier of the Year“ award on December 01, 2011. The prize for outstanding supplier performance was awarded in the five categories Performance, Reliability, Quality, Innovation and Cooperation.

Out of 500 companies that were invited to take part in the award, suppliers from more than 10 different industries participated. More than 60 made it to the short list for a supplier award. The AL-KO Supplier Award is given to outstanding suppliers of the corporate divisions Vehicle Technology, Air Technology and Garden + Hobby.

“With this award, we honour the outstanding performance of our best suppliers for the first time“, says Dr. Claus Kaluza, Senior Vice President Purchasing, who presented the winners with the awards together with Raymond Kober, Member of the Executive Board AL-KO. “One criterion was the contribution to the success of the AL-KO KOBER GROUP. The rewarded companies know, how they can work on improving our products and services with their specific know-how and sustainable willingness to cooperation.“

The Supplier Award itself is a miniature edition of a sculpture that was created by the artist Terence Carr exclusively for the 80th company anniversary as a symbol for harmony, friendship and strength. “But the three men can also be seen as the unity of customers, AL-KO employees and external partners. And that meets our intention in today’s event“, explains Raymond Kober, Member of the Executive Board AL-KO. The awards were presented ceremoniously in harmonic atmosphere. AL-KO employees and representatives of supplying companies met – completely without the pressure of the daily business.

Some impressions on the evening reception please find here: AL-KO Supplier Award 2011 - Gallery >>

Winner in the category PERFORMANCE
  • The supplier ebm-papst Mulfingen delivers the corporate division Air Technology with fan modules, which is one of the core components for AL-KO ventilation units. In the recent past, there were worldwide supply shortages for electronic components. Those were excellently overcome by ebm-papst Mulfingen and the supply for AL-KO was always secured.
  • The company Dynacast Österreich supplies both the divisions of Vehicle Technology and Garden + Hobby with technically complex zinc die-cast parts. Those products might not be in the focus of the end user – but nevertheless, the blade holder in AL-KO lawnmowers and tractors requires high-performance products and processes. For AL-KO, that has already been provided by Dynacast Österreich for over two decades.
  • AL-KO is a global company, active on all continents and thus transport logistics gain in importance. In this year, the partnership between AL-KO and Schenker & CO AG began and started as a success. The reliable and efficient processing of sea freight transports is absolutely award-worthy and, rightly so, an award for Performance is given to Schenker & CO AG.
Winner in the category INNOVATION
  • The cooperation between Bosch Engineering and AL-KO is in the highly innovative business segment amc (Auto-Motor-Caravan). Together, the so called AL-KO ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) was developed and the product was brought to series maturity. With the support of Bosch Engineering, AL-KO continues to be in a leading technological position in that area.
  • The companies AL-KO and Danfoss VLT Antriebstechnik are connected by an almost twenty-year long partnership. Both companies stand for their efforts to improve energy efficiency of air conditioning and ventilation units and thereby reduce CO2-emissions. With the innovative control concept for different engine types, developed by Danfoss VLT Antriebstechnik, both companies are one step closer to that objective.
Winner in the category RELIABILITY
  • The partnership between Van Leeuwen Tubes and AL-KO is characterised by strong reliability. For almost twenty years now, Van Leeuwen Tubes has been securing the supply for our sites with steel tubes and bars. This year’s supply shortages in the market were professionally managed and thereby the competitiveness of AL-KO was supported.
  • Welser Profile is connected to AL-KO in a partnership that has existed for over 15 years. Welser Profile has had an impressive development – with parallels to AL-KO –, because the company has grown from a workshop to the world market leader for steel profiles. The profiles produced are the basis of the AL-KO Chassis Technology. The transparency and reliability in the collaboration are absolutely worthy of an award.
Winner in the category QUALITY
  • The AL-KO brand motto "Quality for Life" lead to a portfolio of suppliers that sustains any comparison to the benchmark in terms of delivery quality. The supplier REIFF Technische Produkte stands out here. It supplies nearly every European AL-KO location in the division Vehicle Technology with high quality bearings. Keywords such as longevity and resilience describe on the one hand the requirements in the products, but equally characterise the joint business relationship.
Winner in the category COOPERATION
  • Duropack provides AL-KO with professional packaging solutions, which act as the surface impression at the customer. In the thirty years of working together, countless specific packaging concepts were developed and, at the same time, technical and design challenges were solved.
  • The company Extrutec Gummi delivers technically demanding rubber elements to AL-KO Vehicle Technology. Those are – together with the hexagon profile – core components of the AL-KO damping system and secure the AL-KO driving features. The ongoing partnership has contributed to market success.
  • Together with the company ITML AL-KO solved extensive software projects in the SAP environment. More specifically, this is the joint development of a SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) portal to increase efficiency in purchasing and logistics. Strategic and operative challenges in that project were always carried out professionally and in partnership.
We heartily congratulate this year's awardees and look back on a successful evening. Some impressions on the evening reception please find here: AL-KO Supplier Award 2011 - Gallery >>